All indications are telling us that this is going to be a quiet year for Canon at NAB 2017 this April in Las Vegas, Nevada.

C series cameras?

We don't expect to see a new C series camera announced ahead of NAB, though we do expect to see some kind of replacement for the C100 Mark II in 2017. One suggestion we've received is that it won't be called a “C100 Mark III”. We do think it's logical that we'll see a “baby C300 Mark II”.

Cinema lenses?

We're told to expect at least one new lens for NAB. We've seen patents in the past for the an anamorphic lens and the new Cinema EOS C700 supports those types of lenses. The other possibility is a prime lens longer than 135mm.


We do not expect to see a DSLR announced for NAB.

Other technology?

We'll likely see more 8K demonstrations from Canon such as camera prototypes, displays, workflows and those sorts of things.

What about a ME20F-SH Mark II?

We can't imagine they've sold too many of these ISO 4,560,000 boxes to warrant a Mark II version quite yet, but you never know.

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