What did our sources do well on?

1. CR was the first site with the 20+ mp specs for the 5D2
2. CR was bang on with the 15mp 2nd camera, however it wasn't FF.
3. CR was first to say the SX would be slit into 2 cameras. We assumed SX100, but it turned out the new S5 was split into 2 under the SX model name.
4. CR was the first to report DIGIC IV on the new cameras.
5. CR was the first to say 3 new cameras. (XS, 50D, 5D2)
6. We knew the 40D would remain current with the 50D.

What we flubbed?
1. Our lens sources were way off. No 24-70 or 100-400 replacements. The 35L was actually the 24L
2. No “GMOS” camera, although we eventually thought it'd be pushed to PMA in the spring.
3. 2 Full Frame Cameras never came (for now).
4. The 5D Mark II Launch in general. :(
5. Probably some other things I still need to look over.

Some rumors turn out to be fragments of truth. I know our rumors for PMA will be a lot better. I'll have a better filter on sources now.

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