Not even a whisper
For the moment, there doesn't seem to be much chatter coming from the Canon camp. We had previously been told that Canon would not be announcing anything else in 2013. Although, we still thought we would see the Canon EOS M2 which has appeared in some DPP software literature.

There still seems to be a lot of EOS M stock out there, as we keep seeing deals for the camera come about. There is a possibility Canon is waiting until stock levels are near depleted before they make an announcement. Christmas season is coming up, and we're getting a bit late to announce a product for the Christmas season unless it ships right away.

As far as the big EOS stuff, we're still holding with no DSLR or lenses in 2013, although a development announcement is always possible. I don't think Canon has ever done a development announcement without announcing an official new product along side it.

I expect 2 camera bodies at the most in Q1 of 2014, one being a new EOS M camera. The other being an entry level type DSLR. I think it'll be early spring before we see the really exciting stuff from Canon.

I am also told that new Cinema EOS camera(s) are likely to appear before NAB in April 2014. There has been nothing in regards to specs or which bodies would see an update.

More to come….


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