While the announcements today had some positives and a big glaring negative (someone please explain their mirrorless strategy to me), Canon is far from done in 2015 and we'll see a host of new products in the coming months.

EF Lenses
We're going to see a new 50 f/1.8 STM soon, as well as a new 70-300 non-L, non-DO lens. We don't know exactly when they're coming, but we're told they definitely are. There are no other lenses we've been told about that are imminent. I wish someone would say 35L :)

EOS Cameras
We haven't heard anything definitive about what EOS camera would be coming next. The obvious choices are an EOS-1D X Mark II and an EOS 5D Mark IV. In case you were wondering, we haven't heard anything about a replacement for the EOS-1D C.

Cinema EOS
NAB is in April, and we're told Canon will be making it a major announcement show this year. We're told the Cinema EOS C300 will get a replacement and that it will shoot 4K. We haven't received the same confirmation about an EOS C500 replacement. We're also told there's a chance Canon shows a new style of Cinema EOS camera, which would become the flagship and compete directly with the Arri Alexa.

I suspect there will be a lens or two announced, though we haven't heard anything.

Other Video Products at NAB
We're told that Canon will announce a GH4 competitor for NAB. It will be some kind of 4K ILC camera, we've heard the camera will have swappable parts, such as the grip and the viewfinder. We have no information on what lens mount it would be. We are told that it's an “entry level” cinema product.

We're also told a fixed lens Cinema EOS C100 style camera is coming and could be called the XC-10 (this could change), and that it will shoot 4K. Since it will have a fixed lens, I doubt it's part of the Cinema EOS family.

We will be at NAB this year and hope to bring some fresh content with a few partners.


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