We were told at the end of 2013 that this year would turn out to be the “year of the lens”. We're 5 months in and nothing has come to fruition yet. We're still being told that this is the case, but nothing is coming until the second half of 2014, which is nearly upon us.

I do not recall a time when things were this quiet in the rumor world for Canon and new products. We do know that PowerShot announcements are coming relatively soon, most likely in May to prepare for the spring and summer buying season. The replacement of the SX50 IS will be the top end camera announced, although we have heard that a G17 is coming as well.

We get the odd bit of talk that the new EF 100-400 is being tested in Asia and it has also been suggested that this lens will be on testing stage for the World Cup in Brazil in June. Although, we're hoping it's announced and publicly tested on soccer's (football's) greatest stage. I would also assume that new bodies will be tested in Brazil, especially the follow-up to the EOS 7D. With Nikon announcing the replacement to the D300s some time soon with the new D9300, Canon will surely be doing the same thing in the prosumer APS-C segment.

For now, not much is being said and we're hoping that changes very soon.


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