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Where in the World is CR Guy? *UPDATE*

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Now Stuck in London

Got out of Dublin after 6 hours of delay, which of course caused us to miss the connection flight to Toronto. So now I’m stuck here. There’s lots of snow coming down at the moment as well.

The charm of all this is wearing quite thin.

Best part, Air Canada has my luggage with our clothes and toothpaste. Awesome! I think we’re almost out of diapers too.

Ah well, it’s great to be alive and own Canon stuff. :)

Having a great time

Sorry there has been no updates, I’m on day 2 of being trapped in Dublin airport. Some terrible weather cancelled all the flights yesterday and there are tons of delays today.

I hope to be back in Canada tonight.

Thanks for reading.


15 responses to “Where in the World is CR Guy? *UPDATE*”

  1. yea…. we’re having terrible weather too… only getting to the mid 60s and they say there is a chance we might see a cloud or two today… that is just not acceptable in the sunshine state! ;)

  2. I’m working in Dublin and share you’re pain – nearly landed twice on my bum today on the way into work. Still, ’twas fun to see others in the same boat…

  3. The weather is bad, but the main reason for the flight cancellations and delays is the stupid airport administration in Dublin. It’s possible to handle such weather in a better way.

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