Powershot Update Coming
I have some information about what is coming in the Powershot lineup in the spring. I'll be doing a writeup about that on December 27.

Getting ready
I'll be MIA until the 27th of December or so. I'll be packing, bouncing around airports and getting settled in Ireland. I'll be over in Europe for a couple months. I will definitely continue to update the site.

In the meantime, David should keep you guys apprised (thx Jim) of any news. As can be expected, contacts have given into Christmas and the other holidays this time of year.

Have a great few days and don't drink and drive shoot.

Help in Ireland
Anyone know a place I can order some Neopan 1600 & Ilford HP5 & Delta 3200 in Ireland? I'm having trouble with a Canadian credit card getting stuff shipped to me in Ireland. I guess I need a film dealer.


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  1. Hej, yes, compact rumors on 27th, where are they ?

    Don’t think it will be G yet already, but more A480 or so and IXUS 95, maybe the already rumored powershot UW for the beach next summer ? (usually in february there are low models announced)

  2. Любая ошибка в любом расчете будет нацелена на причинение наибольшего вреда.

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