We reported a few weeks ago that the “5D” line would be split into the 3 cameras, the two 5DS cameras as well as the 5D Mark IV.

Today we were told that the 5D Mark IV is indeed coming in 2015 and will focus on being a lowlight event and sports type of camera with good enough image quality for pretty much anything else you throw at it. The camera could also be the next Canon DSLR to get 4K video recording, along with new video features. We haven't heard anything in regards to an EOS-1D C replacement, which lends some credence to the rumors that the next 5D Mark XX will take over where the 1D C will leave off, though we don't want to say that's a for sure thing right now.

Northlight reports that the camera is currently scheduled for an announcement in August and will see a modest increase in megapixels.


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