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Why No Manual Video Control?

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5D Mark II

I’ve just received insider information from Canon.
Someone I know, who had to make a video clip for a well known music star in Switzerland, spoke to a higher-up from Canon.

They told him that the release of the 5D Mark II was actually not planned for October but rather for Sping 2009.
But since Nikon released a video DSLR (D90) they were forced to also release one.
Originally full manual control was planned but they couldn’t finish it by the time of the release.
This of course explaines also the low suply from Canon.

Well if this is true we have a good chance to see a firmware update soon.

From: FixMy5D

This goes with our information that a firmware update is coming for the 5D Mark II in April. I think the first week is a bit early, but I do believe it’s coming.


28 responses to “Why No Manual Video Control?”

  1. When it comes to video in DSLR’s, Canon will probably continue to just ‘react’ to the competition. After all, to go ahead and make a better product than their own video camcorders doesn’t make marketing sense to them. Your best chance to see improvements in video in the 5D (and later) cameras is if Nikon or someone else comes out with a better product. It is marketing and business! They don’t release cameras because they like us, you know!!

  2. wake up.
    video dslrs are a fact now
    nikon, canon, panasonic

    you claim them to be separate industries as big corporations brainwashed the society to believe, but they are really one. its a breakthrough to be able to record video using this full frame sensor and common sense simple manual control over it is expected and nothing extravagant to ask.

    dont like to record video – dont use that mode.

    no one is bashing anything. people want simple control over simple feature, which has been restricted due to corporate scheming and not tech limitations

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