Long time Nikon shooter, author and Adobe professional Scott Kelby switched over to Canon about 6 months. Being that he's a popular guy in the photography world, I assume he was being asked every 10 minutes why he switched.

The switch was made to a EOS-1D X and EOS 5D Mark III for the big reasons of ergonomics, menu system and skin tones.

Kelby sits down with Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon to discuss the switch to Canon.

CR's Take
I'm not sure how much Mr Kelby paid for the Canon gear he now has, but I hypothesize it was at a discount. :)

System switching is an odd thing to me, and always has been. Unless there's a definitive feature or lens that one doesn't have and the other does.

I have heard of Canon shooters moving to Nikon if they use Speedlites a lot, as Nikon's ETTL does a better and more consistent job than Canon's system does.  When I hear a Nikon user switching to Canon, it seems to usually be about video features. I also know of a couple of nature photographers that moved over to Canon around the time the new big white lenses made it to market. They found great value in the weight savings of Canon's new super telephoto lenses.

Switching for ergonomics is a weird one to me. After a few months with a camera, you're used to it and it becomes second nature. I personally fumble around with Nikon's pro bodies, but that's because I have been shooting Canon predominantly for a long time. Had I always shot Nikon, I'm sure the opposite would be true.

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