We're told that  early chatter about Canon's “prosumer” mirrorless body has started to make its way beyond the engineers at Canon. No test bodies have made their way to anybody outside of Canon, but we're told that various early prototypes have been passed around internally.

There is a certain “buzz” about the camera internally and we're told that the marketing push for the camera will be one of the company's biggest. The mirrorless market is still small, but it's definitely growing and a lot of people think Canon will be the company to bring it “mainstream”, which may sound arrogant, but most camera buyers aren't frequenting this web site, nor do they hear the negative chatter about the perceived lack of innovation from Canon. The brand still has clout and should for many more years, even with the missteps some enthusiasts feel have taken place.

A second source said there's no way the camera will be APS-C, as the EOS M5 is selling well, and the company needs a halo mirrorless camera, and that is only possible with a full frame sensor.

Sony may be leading the way in full frame mirrorless cameras, but Nikon (likely ahead of Canon) and Canon appear to finally be coming to the table.

We wouldn't be shocked to see a “development” announcement shortly after Nikon announces their full frame mirrorless camera.

More to come….

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