From NL
They received a comment that the xxD isn't dead, it' just resting. They'll use the camera to give a longer time between the 7D and 7D Mark II.

Weekend Rumor Mill
Two comments came in saying not to expect the 1Ds Mark IV announcement until mid August.

A lens announcement in the late spring as well as in August.  As usual, no word on lenses.

There will be a new 300 2.8 & 400 2.8 being tested at the World Cup and not yet for sale.

A 5D Mark III will be coming as well as a new full frame camera below the 5D Mark III.

We will also see a new EF mount video camera system.

Site Design
I've had a new site design completed for about a week now and will be doing the switch on Sunday. So expect some minor downtime.

I'm also working to troubleshoot some back end issues that make the site unavailable every so often. The problem has been isolated.


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