It's coming
The one lens in the Zeiss lineup I'm interested in actually using is the 18mm f/3.5 Distagon.

Zeiss is showing the lens at the Photo Expo show in Tokyo and will be available near the end of 2009.

Probably looking in the $1300 range for the lens.

A small Luminous Landscapes review of it:…

I'd like to know when the Makro-Planar 100mm f/2 is coming for ZE. This is another lens that I would seriously consider. I seem to spend a lot of time in MF with my Canon 100 Macro, I probably wouldn't miss a beat.


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  1. Dear Mr. Unknown Stranger of Canon Rumors,

    I own the 100mm 2.0 Makro ZF (Nikon mount), according to my PROPER tests (tripod, focus indicator, mirror-up, cable release, and sharpening in PP), the 100mm 2.0 beats Nikon’s 105mm 2.8 VR at 2.8 and lower apertures in sharpness performance.

    Of course, the out of focus rendition is very creamy like cream cheese or butter and it will stay creamy throughout all apertures (depending on how close you are from your subject). Yes, it’s THAT creamy, it makes you want to drool for a bagel with cream cheese topping.

    It could be used at any apertures from F/2.8 to F/8 (for crop bodies, F/16 for “full frame” bodies) without any lens diffraction. It could be used at F/16 (crop bodies, F/22 for “full frame” bodies) at 1:2 magnification as well. At larger apertures (between F/2 to F/2.8), expect some softness but it is completely normal. I didn’t check the corner sharpness because, seriously, who looks in corners instead of the whole photograph?

    Comparing it with Nikon’s 105mm 2.0 Defocus Control, they both are tied (Nikon’s have defocus control and screwdriver AF, Zeiss’ have very stiff focusing ring and dreamy optic performance).

    You can use any filters of any kind on this lens without resulting in vignetting (if it does, you can simply FIX it in PP at one single mouse click). High quality filters such as B+W, Colkins, Nikon / Canon, or Heliopan is recommended if you want the precise quality.

    My advice to you, bring a solid tripod combination and cable release with you. Also leave the lens hood on at all the times. Keep the lens as dry as possible (yes, it is not a “L” lens).

    Good luck.

  2. It’s Mr. Slim to you, not “fatso” buddy, I can afford it just don’t see a reason to buy it. Face it, most people who will own are the type who buy things just because then can and not actually need it.

  3. I wonder why I wasted my time typing a mini review on the Zeiss 100mm for you and I haven’t gotten a single “thank you” note from yourself.

  4. Van by the river on

    Its so funny when i hear the ‘canon has no wide angle options’ whine. Especially when it is a whine that includes whining about quality, from a ZOOM. If you want quality, get real and get a prime because any ZOOM

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