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1D Mark IIIn [CR2] *UPDATE #2*

By Canon Rumors | January 26, 2009

The original message board post has been removed. The person that took the picture has requested it be removed from everywhere on the web, including here at Canon Rumors. The image was apparently first posted on Flickr. The person claims to be worried about his/her employment.

Will Canon Rumors remove it? Yes, at 12AM EST January 28, 2009.

I’ve received a few cryptic emails about this posting and have decided to raise the ranking to [CR2].

After looking at the image closer with my laptop, I see the hard white edges are actually there hiding other text. So this information appears to actually be in the computer.

thanks Marty

Is it coming?
This is from a German message board. Apparently the 1D3n has appeared in a stock system.

Upon a 2nd look, it definitely looks fake. The white area around the camera text looks pasted on. I could be wrong, I’m sitting an airport internet kiosk with the worst screen ever.



Hey, it’s CR1. I post everything remotely interesting, especially during this odd slow time.

Thanks for the tip G


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