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Patent: Canon RF 20mm f/1.8L and RF 24mm f/1.8L

Patent: Canon RF 20mm f/1.8L and RF 24mm f/1.8L

By Canon Rumors | May 6, 2021 | Canon Patents

Canon News has uncovered a patent for more fast prime optical formulas. This patent deals with reducing weight and size for such lenses.

Canon News notes that the back focus is quite short, which would require the lens to enter the camera mount about 8mm. So these optical formulas aren’t likely going to become a consumer product. However, we do see patents for optical formulas that are merely trying to solve problems, and in the case of this one… size and weight.

Canon 20mm f/1.8

  • Focal length 20.60mm
  • F-number 1.85
  • Half angle of view (degrees) 46.40°
  • Image height 21.64mm
  • Lens total length 88.73mm
  • BF 11.72mm

Canon 24mm f/1.8

  • Focal length 23.28mm
  • F-number 1.85
  • Half angle of view (degrees) 42.90°
  • Image height 21.64mm
  • Lens total length 93.32mm
  • BF 12.72mm

Venus Optics announces the Laowa RF 33mm f/0.95 (but it’s APS-C)

By Canon Rumors | May 3, 2021 | Third Party Lenses

Anhui China, May 03 , 2021 – Venus Optics, the manufacturer specialized in making unique camera lenses, is proud to introduce the Laowa ‘Argus’ 33mm f/0.95 CF APO, a magnificent f/0.95 prime lens for APS-C cameras.

The ‘Argus’ name was originally from Greek mythology and was the name of a vigilant guardian with a hundred eyes and an “all-seeing” sight. The name represents the ultra-bright f/0.95 aperture of the lenses and the exceptional image quality they deliver.

The 35mm f/0.95 is the first released lens of the much anticipated Argus line. Featuring the ultra-fast f/0.95 aperture with APO design, the lens offers photographers and videographers a classic focal length for everyday shooting and the versatility to shoot at difficult lighting conditions. The lens delivers exception image quality at wide-open and suppresses the chromatic aberration to the minimal. Couple with the 35mm (1.15 feet) minimum focus distance, a buttery smooth and exquisite bokeh rendering can easily be created. It also equips with multiple touches of videographer-friendly features for narrative filmmaking.

Key Features of Laowa ‘Argus’ 33mm f/0.95 CF APO

  • f/0.95 Ultra-fast aperture
  • APO (Apochromatic Optical Design)
  • 35cm closest focusing distance
  • Exquisite bokeh
  • Long focus throw
  • Internal focus
  • Low focus breathing
  • Stepless aperture ring

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Is a Canon RF 60mm f/1.0L USM on the way? [CR1]

Is a Canon RF 60mm f/1.0L USM on the way? [CR1]

By Canon Rumors | May 3, 2021 | Canon Lens Rumors

Canon Watch is reporting that a Canon RF 60mm f/1.0L USM is possibly on the way. This lens does not appear on my RF lens roadmap, nor have we seen any patents for such an optical formula yet.

Is it possible? Sure, why not? If you believe your mount is the best, you need to flex those muscles every now and then.

While it is close to the RF 50mm f/1.2L USM in speed and focal length, I imagine an RF 60mm f/1.0L USM would provide a very unique look to photos. Throw in defocus smoothing and you could have something special.

For now, this is a [CR1] rating, but I will do some digging to figure out the validity of this rumor.

Canon talks EOS R3, and confirms that it is not the flagship mirrorless

Canon talks EOS R3, and confirms that it is not the flagship mirrorless

By Canon Rumors | May 3, 2021 | Canon EOS R

PhotoWebExpo has posted an interview with the Head of Product and Consumer Expertise at Canon Russia, while most of it is what you’d expect in a Canon interview, there are some good nuggets of information.

The original interview is in Russian, so obviously I have used Google Translate here. Below are a few answers that are probably worth noting.

Which type of photographers is the Canon EOS R3 intended for?

Canon is aiming this camera at professionals and advanced amateurs. The Canon EOS R3 is not intended to replace the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III.

The camera will be intended for wildlife, sports, racing, and photojournalism.

The camera will be smaller than the EOS-1D X Mark III as well.

Why an EOS R3 and not an EOS R1?

Canon says this camera is a new line for the EOS R system. It will be slotted between the EOS R5 and a future flagship camera, the EOS R3 is not the EOS R flagship.

Will the Canon EOS R3 get a new sensor?

In case you missed it, the EOS R3 will be the first Canon camera with a stacked backside-illuminated sensor. It is the first of its kind developed by Canon for consumers.

Is this Canon’s first stacked sensor?

This is actually the second stacked sensor from Canon, the PowerShot G7X Mark III has a 1″ stacked sensor. This will be the first full-frame stacked sensor from Canon.

Will Canon share the RF mount with other manufacturers?

It doesn’t look that way. Canon is likely to keep the mount a closed system, so the third parties will have to reverse engineer everything to make RF mount lenses to utilize the new technologies available in the RF mount.

What’s the future of the EOS M system?

Canon couldn’t comment on the future of the system, but in this interview, the EOS M system was called “well equipped”. I’m not sure many would agree with that, but what do I know?

Will we see a global shutter image sensor for the EOS R system?

Not much here to hypothesize about, but he did comment that Canon already has a global shutter in the EOS C700GS. However, he does talk about redundancy with this feature and whether or not a global shutter would benefit most photographers. Does this mean Canon only sees this tech in the Cinema EOS lineup?

He also noted that global shutter sensors are difficult to manufactue.

You can read the entire interview at PhotoWebExpo.

Patent: Canon shows off some information about the eye-controlled AF point selection

Patent: Canon shows off some information about the eye-controlled AF point selection

By Canon Rumors | April 29, 2021 | Canon Patents

The Canon EOS R3 will come with eye-controlled autofocus, made most famous by the film camera, the EOS 3. There have likely been a few advancements in technology over the last few decades, but there are some similarities in how the system will be calibrated.

The USPTO patent US 2021/0124239

The first patent shows the menu system that will likely be similar to what we see in the Canon EOS R3. It looks like there will be a lot of customization options to improve the experience.

eye af settings 728x527 - Patent: Canon shows off some information about the eye-controlled AF point selectionThe USPTO patent US 2021/0125375

The second patent shows off how Canon plans to set up calibration for eye-AF on the Canon EOS R3. This calibration is similar to the way the Canon EOS-3 worked, you will follow a moving target around the viewfinder. Canon has likely worked out a lot of the issues with the first implementation of this technology. Most notably the struggles people with glasses had from time to time, as well as issues that weren’t easy to explain.

gaze calibration 728x548 - Patent: Canon shows off some information about the eye-controlled AF point selectionThere will likely be a lot more patents over the next couple of months that will better explain how the Eye-AF will be implemented in the Canon EOS R3.

Patent: Canon RF 130mm f/1.4L USM and other fast primes

Patent: Canon RF 130mm f/1.4L USM and other fast primes

By Canon Rumors | April 29, 2021 | Canon Patents

Keith at Northlight has uncovered a patent showing optical formulas for three fast prime lenses, most notably a Canon RF 130mm f/1.4L USM. On my roadmap for Canon, we do have an RF 135mm f/1.4L USM listed, so this patent could potentially be related.

Canon RF 130mm f/1.4L USM

  • Focal length: 131.00mm
  • F-number: 1.41
  • Angle of view: 9.38°
  • Image height: 21.64mm
  • Lens length: 182.28mm
  • Backfocus: 13.87mm

The following optical design has a really strange backfocus distance of 54,12mm according to the patent literature.

Canon 135mm f/2L USM

  • Focal length: 133.50mm
  • F-number: 2.06
  • Angle of view: 9.21°
  • Image height: 21.64mm
  • Lens length: 155.12mm
  • Backfocus: 54.12mm

The following optical design also has an unusual backfocus distance.

Canon 24mm f/1.4L USM

  • Focal length: 24.55mm
  • F-nurnber: 1.45
  • Angle of view: 41.39°
  • Image height: 21.64mm
  • Lens length: 119.13mm
  • Backfocus: 38.01mm
Atomos brings 8K 30p ProRes RAW to the Canon EOS R5 with the Ninja V+

Atomos brings 8K 30p ProRes RAW to the Canon EOS R5 with the Ninja V+

By Canon Rumors | April 28, 2021 | Industry News

Melbourne, Australia – 28th April 2021 – Atomos is thrilled to announce that it is expanding the Ninja family, with two exciting new Ninja products and a major update for Ninja V!

Ninja V receives the option for H.265 codec upgrade, Ninja V+ – is built for Apple ProRes RAW 8K productions, and Ninja Stream – 4Kp60 HDR for a high-quality social distancing production environment.

The Ninja V receives H.265 (HEVC)

The original Ninja V, launched in 2018, remains the most popular Atomos product and receives the ability to add the H.265 (HEVC) codec. The 5” 1000nit 10-stop HDR monitor allows users to accurately monitor and record from either HDMI or SDI. Atomos continues to expand Apple ProRes RAW support on all partner cameras over HDMI and SDI. The Ninja V will continue to receive updates for cameras and additional functionality via AtomX modules whilst remaining at the price of $595.

word image - Atomos brings 8K 30p ProRes RAW to the Canon EOS R5 with the Ninja V+

The popular Ninja V is the workhorse and creative tool of choice for the wider film and pro-video industries and will now benefit from the addition of H.265 workflows, with up to 4Kp60 10-bit 4:2:2 full ‘i’ frame with options for 8-bit at various data rates. Atomos will be adding these features through a simple one-click $99 upgrade from in May 2021.

Preorder the Atomos Ninja V+ & Ninja V+ Pro Kit at Adorama

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A firmware update to address the IBIS issue is coming, no date yet [CR3]

A firmware update to address the IBIS issue is coming, no date yet [CR3]

By Canon Rumors | April 28, 2021 | Canon EOS R

There have now been multiple reports about the IBIS shift/tilt on the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, so I think it’s safe to say it’s more than a “phenomenon”.

I have been told that Canon is aware of the issue and that there will be a firmware update to correct the behavior. The source doesn’t know what the timeline for the update is, but I imagine it will come when it’s done and not a moment sooner!

More to come…

Canon to add to their Cinema EOS lineup with three new monster cameras [CR3]

Canon to add to their Cinema EOS lineup with three new monster cameras [CR3]

By Canon Rumors | April 27, 2021 | Canon Cinema EOS Rumors

I have been told about three new Canon Cinema EOS cameras coming in the near future. With NAB 2021 being held in October, I would expect Cinema EOS announcements ahead of that show.

It looks like Canon is going to release three new Cinema cameras, which would likely be additions to the current lineup. Canon has said in the past that they won’t get caught behind in the 8K space like they were when 4K launched.

It looks like Canon has two 8K Cinema EOS cameras planned as well as a dynamic range monster in a new version of the EOS C700.

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Are you experiencing this phenomenon with IBIS on your Canon EOS R5?

By Canon Rumors | April 26, 2021 | Canon EOS R

When it comes to bugs with cameras and lenses, I tend to err on the side of caution posting about them. Most that are sent to me tend to be a user or environmental issue. This one, however, I can make happen on my own Canon EOS R5.

I’m not sure that this has had any real-world negative effect on my shooting, but we all shoot differently, and it could be a bigger deal for others.

Canon Rumors reader juanmaasecas sent me the above example of the issue with this explanation.

Some weeks ago I found what I think is an annoying bug with the IBIS in the Canon R5 (some users also experience it with the R6).

When the ibis is set to “always ON”, the sensor twists after the first picture is taken, producing a blurred picture. If you keep pressing the shutter half (while in continuous autofocus or just In single) and then take more pictures, the rest are just fine.

I went to Canon repair center/showcase here in Hong Kong, and the cameras there show the issue as well (that is why I didn’t leave my camera for repair), and yet canon has not yet repaired the issue (I discovered it first in firmware 1.2.0 that I bought the camera with, but still happens in 1.3.0 and 1.3.1).

If you do experience this issue, you can report it to your local Canon subsidiary.


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