Topaz Labs have launched v4.0 of their popular Video AI software. As the name suggests, there are a lot of “AI” features to help improve your footage and efficiency.

You can save $50 on a license if your purchase by October 30, 2023.

Video AI v4 is here with an entirely new system for generating previews. This has been a highly-requested change and we’re very excited for our users to work with the new interface.

As our team adds more models and controls to Video AI, we found that users were looking for new ways to construct different filter combinations and view the results from within the app’s interface. This update is meant to provide power-user flexibility while retaining the core functions of the app.

Compare multiple models with ease: This new interface expands users’ toolset for finding the perfect AI output.

Some of the improvements

Changelog from September roadmap:

  • Add “Black and White” toggle to video input options.
    • This option will desaturate output to prevent models from adding color to Black & White videos.
  • Add “Telecined” toggle to video input options.
    • This option will reverse the telecine process and deinterlace your video to 23.976 fps before applying AI models.
  • Adds detailed tooltips to Output Settings.
  • Enables ProRes, H264/5 and AV1 encoders for Linux.
  • Fixes many color-banding issues seen in the in-app player.
  • Changes filter tooltips so they are now also seen when you hover on the filter name and not just the icon.
  • Adds Iris options to select between Medium/Low Quality. Medium will use Iris-v2, Low will use Iris-v1.
  • Adds 1x & 2x deinterlace options for Interlaced videos when keeping original fps.
  • Adds detailed tooltips for all preferences.
  • Adds detailed metadata for Iris & Nyx enhance models to exported video file.
  • Adds “Noise” value for enhancement models to video metadata when not zero.
  • Fixes issues selecting “original” fps option in fps selector.
  • Reduced model loading time for Nyx, Proteus, Iris Auto and Relative to Auto.
  • Adds 10-bit for NVENC AV1.
  • Automatic parameter estimation now runs on 8 frames instead of 20.
  • Fixes for Nyx as second enhancement: will now automatically make the first enhancement perform upscaling.
  • Iris-v2 is supported on Intel ARC.

Check out Topaz Labs Video AI 4.0

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