The Canon Rumors Rating System Explained

Hello readers.

This is a rumors site, not everything you read here should be taken as fact unless we say so!

Below is an explanation of our ratings for posts of the rumor genre.

[CR0] – Basically a joke
We don’t post these types of things very often, unless we see other sites posting something that is completely untrue and will never happen.

[CR1] – Plausible information, but from an unconfirmed source
This is information we deem as “possible”. However, the information comes from an unknown or anonymous source, so we cannot confirm its authenticity.

[CR2] – Good information from a known source
Even known sources that have been correct in the past may not provide perfect information from time to time. This rating means there’s a strong possibility that the information has some truth to it, but it may be incomplete and/or misinterpreted information.

[CR3] – Fact
We use this rating when we’re sure what we’re posting is a fact.

Have fun here at Canon Rumors, but don’t make any crazy buying decisions based on anything that isn’t rated [CR3]. We do our best to give you the most accurate information possible, but it’s really hard to be correct 100% of the time.

Thank-you for reading the site and not taking things too seriously.