From time-to-time we use a rumour validity rating system to help our readers. Below we explain what each rumour rating means


  • We don't give this rating out a lot, but from time to time we have to post an article that is circulating around the web that we known to be fabricated or untrue.
  • There are times our inbox gets hit with these sorts of stories, so we feel it's important to do our best to debunk the information.


  • This is a rumour that has plausibility, but generally comes from an unknown source. We are unable to confirm the information with known sources. Sometimes we post these rumours to generate discussion. You can be assured that we don't post everything that comes through our inbox.
  • These rumours can also come from other web sites.


  • This is a rumour that comes from a known source with a track record of giving correct information most of the time, but not always. The information in these rumours do not have a broad consensus from known sources.


  • This rating is our highest given and has broad consensus from all of our known sources. It's very rare that a CR3 rumour doesn't come to fruition in some form or another.


A statement or report current without known authority for its truth

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