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1Di & Applications

Most of you feel that rumor was a tad over the top. I tend to agree, perhaps a [CR1] was more appropriate. Thanks for the comments on it.

It’s amazing that people will spend that much time writing up stuff like that. Kudos to them because it can add to the fun of it all. For the record… I didn’t write it!


I received about 70 applications for contributing to the site. It was quite overwhelming going through them all. I didn’t know what I was looking for until i found the folks. Thanks for the applications, the process is now closed.

Next up; I’m working out a web site issue too add some different content, and will introduce the new folks this coming week.

If I could ever get my hands on the 18-200 I could also have the 50D review done. I’m hoping for next weekend.

I finally got one. It was a hard and rather annoying choice between the iPhone and Blackberry. You can reach my iphone 24/7 at buzz[at]canonrumors[dot]com.


Canadian Dollar Dropping – Good for Canadian & US shoppers

Just noticed (I’m sure others have too)
It might be time for American shoppers to visit their neighbors to the north for some savings. The Canadian dollar is down to 85 cents USD.

Quick Example:

40D w/17-85 IS @ BHPhoto $1449.99 USD
40D  w/17-85 IS @ Henrys $1449.95 CAD

So a Canadian buying at B&H will actually be paying $1720 CAD for the camera. An American shopping in Canada would be paying $1215 USD.

Obviously customs and tax need to be factored in. I’m not sure how it works in the US.

With the economic issues currently, I do not see Canon correcting this before Christmas. They have to move cameras. It took over 6 months for Canon to correct pricing when the Canadian dollar came on par with the US dollar. Pricing was still better in the US however.

Buy in Canada Canadians.

Buy in the US Americans (to support your economy). We won’t be insulted if you do shop up here though.


5D Mark II Availability [CR5]

End of October

Adorama was questioned again about availability and they say the end of October again. So that’s everyone outside of B&H saying so.

However, don’t be surprised if they’re as hard to come by as a Wii a Christmas.

In Canada, I’m being told the first third of November for arrival.


iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry & Windows Mobile Support

It appears everything is working as it should on various mobile devices. Thanks for being beta testers

When you go to now with these 2 devices you get the mobile version of the site. I don’t have a blackberry or a windows mobile device, so I’m having a bit of trouble knowing if that’s working or not…. let me know if you can.