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Title: Need lens rental advice for group photo
Post by: ChrisAnderson on November 13, 2012, 06:55:50 PM
Hi guys,
The company I work for has a yearly photo (about 60 people this year) and i've got the honor of setting this up.  I did this last year as well, but I want a higher quality result and will spend more time arranging the scene+people this year.

The last photo was taken on a tripod at eye level (over 6 feet) with a 5D2 and Zeiss 21mm Distagon @ 5.6.  Two wirelessly-triggered flashes were used (580II + 430II) cross-firing across the scene through umbrellas.   To further complicate things, the group of people is standing with their backs to a large set of open windows overlooking a city square.  (actually here's a small version of the photo instead)

I know that this year, i want to elevate the camera (5D3, maybe on a ladder) and perhaps move it off-center.  This will help make everyone more visible, and hopefully be more compositionally pleasing.
I also know that the Ziess 21mm, although world-class, isn't the best choice for this situation (horizontal distortion towards the edges). 
Would the 17/24mm TS-E be a good choice for a group portrait?  I'm mostly interested in minimizing distortion/bulging limbs and faces, and keeping things wide enough to capture the whole group.  Sharpness is important as well, since a fair amount of the image will be cropped.
My other choice would be the 24mm f/1.4L, but i'm open to any suggestions.

So yes...any ideas on lenses?   
Title: Re: Need lens rental advice for group photo
Post by: neuroanatomist on November 13, 2012, 07:14:16 PM
I think a TS-E would be a great choice.  Which one would depend on how much room you have, if you can back up to where 24mm is wide enough, I'd choose that one. The TS-E 24 is nearly distortion-free.  Up on the ladder, you could use a little downward shift to keep the window lines straight.