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EOS-M / Re: The firesale begins... EOS M in UK £199
« on: July 30, 2014, 04:16:11 PM »
Got mine a few months ago when Wex had the M + 18-55 + 90EX for £299 but included the EF - EFM adaptor for free as well.

LOVE IT!!  Quickly picked up a 22mm on ebay and also managed to find an 11 - 22mm and is a fantastic little package.  It is being used more than my 6D at the moment for portability and stealth, my family are used to putting up with a massive camera everywhere we go so they love the inconspicuous M.  I use it successfully to take photos of my mobile 14 month old boy so the AF is fine, its never going to be as good as a top end DSLR but I am happy.  I love my 6D and I love my collection of lenses, but the size weight and cost of the M kit make it a fantastic addition for me.  Even if they never release another, or any more lenses I am happy with the kit as it is - if they do release more I'll still be happy, just probably a bit poorer!!

I have recently had the same considerations...

I tried some very cheap cokin p size filters from ebay - approx £15 for a full set of ND standards, ND grads and filter holder, mainly to learn how to use them rather than expecting any quality and as expected the holder was barely usable, but although the filters had a noticeable purple colour cast it wasn't too bad against a blue sky and even enhanced a few sunsets I think!  I just hand held these filters and after a few months was so happy with the results I decided to go for some better gear.

I now have the LEE 100mm kit and it is excellent quality with no colour casts etc.. I find the 100mm filters much harder (but not impossible) to handhold as I have quite small hands, so I almost always use the filter holder and have a wide angle adaptor.  I was using it with a Tokina 11 - 16mm (77mm filter size) which on a full frame 6D becomes effectively a 16mm lens unless you want some major vignetting, and a 24 - 105L.  With the wide angle adaptor and a filter holder with 2 x 100mm filter slots there was some vignetting at 16mm although easily correctable in post, I plan on getting the 17 - 40L to replace the 11 - 16mm Tokina from my old crop body which is now sold.  I did use a 77mm slim polariser and screwed the LEE adaptor into the front - it was tricky to adjust but possible and only increased the vignetting slightly - I do now have the front ring holder but the 105mm polarisers are generally quite thick.  I have found one from a company called Haida which was only £40 as opposed to the £200 for the LEE one and although I haven't had a chance to perform detailed comparisons seems to perform well.

I have also bought a set of Hitech (Formatt) 85 - cokin p equivalent which are smaller and easier to hand hold and these get taken out when I have less space and less time to be messing with adaptors and these are great, they were much cheaper than the 100mm (either LEE or Hitech) and no colour cast but if I'm doing long exposures its easier to use the full kit.

Hope that helps!!!

EOS-M / Re: EOS M Autofocus Performance Won't Improve via Firmware [CR2]
« on: February 18, 2013, 03:47:57 PM »
+1 to above

Almost bought a Panasonic GX1 last year having been waiting for Canon to sort themselves out for a while, when the M was announced I was on the verge of placing a pre-order but the previews and then reviews put me off, I've played with one in a shop on more than one occasion and really really wanted to get it but I cannot afford to replace cameras regularly (my main body is a 30D)... if the AF was reasonable in comparison to its peers (other mirrorless not dslrs) I would already have bought but its the possibility of a newer better version that has kept me waiting.  When it comes out, if its too expensive I may still go for the M as the AF speed is not an absolute deal breaker but it has been enough to put my off.  Whilst it'd be great if there were more lenses that is absolutely not the priority for me as I have a collection of EF & EF-S I still want to use.

I really think there is a big market for DSLR users/enthusiasts who want the quality and control in a smaller package for convenience or as a backup body - NOT just as an alternative but as an additional to a bigger body.  I still intend on using my 30D as there are some situations where whichever I go for will not be the best option, and I'd love to one day get a full frame dslr for portraits and landscapes.

Canon General / Re: anyone had someone over their shoulder on a job?
« on: February 07, 2013, 06:50:27 AM »
I also shoot friends weddings as a hobbyist, but I think it boils down to respect.  I respect a professional as they are doing a job - I don't use flash, I don't take photos over their shoulder, I stay out of shot and I don't distract the subject.  In general I don't take pictures of the group shots, but focus on candid shots the pro may miss - you can't be everywhere at once regardless of how good you are.

At a recent friends wedding the pro was informed by the bride and groom when booking that the candid shots capturing the feeling of the day were much more important than the posed shots - his response was that he only does the posed shots and not candids, so they asked me to take those pictures (I would have found another pro!)  He was only around for a couple of hours from ceremony to posed shots - I shot the preparation, meal, speeches, cake, 1st dance and evening but put my camera away while he was working.

I do get frustrated on behalf of the photographer when people with compacts, phones and DSLRs on auto (flash pops up when the shutter is pressed and they seem surprised!) - I agree the pro needs to get the subjects to focus on him/her but what they can't control (even when asking politely) is flashes from other people affecting their exposures.

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