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EOS Bodies - For Video / Serious doubts about the noise in my 5d mark 3....
« on: February 17, 2013, 10:05:07 AM »
Hi, I am by no doubts an expert in this but this looks really funky to me....
I uploaded this to vimeo so it isnt ideal by any means but i compared the two shoots and it isnt to far off either regarding the noise.. to be honest it looks even grainier on the original file. put on vimeo it smoothes out some of it.

IMG 7089 on Vimeo

shoot with a canon 5d mark 3
with a canon 16-35 II usm L lens
picturestyle: cinestyle
Iso: 320
aperture: 3.2
shutterspeed: 40
other settings:
1920p 25F ALL-I
auto ligtning optimizer off

Is this kind off noise really normal? And I know cinestyle makes it look a little bit worse but ive tried all the picturestyles and it doesnt differ much on my footage.

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