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Lenses / Hood on C 300/2.8 L IS USM
« on: March 02, 2014, 11:54:55 AM »
Hi Guy,
I stored mentioned lens with hood attached as I rarely put it down. Today I decided to pack light but stayed surprise as I was not able to remove hood from lens. In the end I managed with applying some force, but another surprise came as I m not able to attach it back in regular or reverse way.
Did you faced any similar problem?
What could the solution be?


Lenses / Which TS lens is better
« on: October 22, 2013, 02:43:07 AM »
Hi, I´m looking forward to welcome TS lens into my roaster around Christmas.
I would like to know your opinion, which one is better:
17/4 or 24/3.5 II?
From reviews I know that 24mm is incredible sharp, plus is also can take filters. But I would be aiming for something wider.
17mm is great lens to but what I can read is that is as not sharp to tht corners as 24mm. Some articles says that Lee anounced also filter system for this lens which can be also pretty interesting.

Lenses / C EF 600/4 IS USM I
« on: November 30, 2012, 04:58:34 AM »
Hi all, my highest interest is a nature and wild life photo.
Till now I have used only crop sensor cameras with 300mm lens and 1.4x convertor if needed.
Now I do consider to buy first version of 600mm IS.
Does anybody shot this lens here? I have read few articles, reviews and seen pictures but does the weight of lens case really a troubles?

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