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Software & Accessories / CS5 drops GPS data
« on: September 29, 2012, 10:33:41 PM »
When I open a RAW file (from Canon 5D II) in Photoshop CS5:
1. I can look at the file info and see the GPS coordinates I have tagged to it
2. When I save it as tiff or jpg in a different directory I can also view the coordinates embedded in the tiff or jpg files and others can see them if I email on the jpg.

A friend is also using CS5 and the coordinates can also be seen in the file info after opening a RAW file (also from Canon 5D II) on her machine. However, they are missing from any tiff or jpg saved (using Save As, nothing to do with saving for web).

We use the same method to geotag the files. If a different program is used to save a jpg from the RAW on her system the coordinates are saved in the jpg properly.

Any ideas what's going on? Is there an obscure setting in photoshop affecting this?

Thanks for any clues...

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