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Software & Accessories / Mavericks Deleting Data on Some External Drives
« on: October 31, 2013, 04:58:11 PM »
For those considering updating to Mavericks or for those who have already updated, you may want to track the issue that many are facing with their Western Digital external drives and some other thunderbolt raid drives showing 0 data (ie loss of all data on external drive) after the Mavericks upgrade. The most prevalent problem appears to be related to the Western Digital mybook software.  However, there also appears to be problems with some other external raid drives connected by thunderbolt.  I have a Pegasus thunderbolt raid drive which in beta testing of Mavericks was found to be problematic, so I have yet to upgrade to Mavericks.  However, the problem that the Pegasus drives are having may also be related to Western Digital software on the same machine. I have no idea.

 I just wanted people with large photograph collections on remote hard drives to be aware of the issue and do some research before they upgrade to Mavericks.  Also, multiple backups are always recommended.  If you have already upgraded and are concerned about the issue, I would disconnect the drive until you have researched the issue.  Apparently, the issue has not been immediate for some people.
Here are a few links:

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