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Lenses / Canon 100mm macro L or Zeiss 50mm makro?
« on: June 16, 2013, 09:17:21 PM »
Hi all,

I wanted to hear if anyone has experience with both of these lenses. The Canon 100mm f2.8 L macro and the Zeiss 50mm f2 makro. I'm very interested in picking up a macro lens. And I have kind of narrowed it down to these 2. But I think they are pretty different lenses.

The macro is just something I want to try out really so I'm not 100% sure how I want to use it? I like the idea of the Zeiss being 50mm as I could also use it as my walkaround 50mm lens. I'm not sure if I can use the Canon macro for other than macro? And in any case I do have the 24-105 and I don't use it at the 105 end very often. So the Zeiss could be 2 lenses in one for me? I'm not afraid of the manual focus. But I don't want to go to the Zeiss route if the macro isn't that great. Maybe get the Canon and pick up a different 50mm(as I do want just a general purpose 50 too).

Any thoughts?

Lenses / 24-105L Curved horizon.
« on: May 25, 2013, 09:29:49 PM »
Took some pics with my 24-105L on my 6D today and the horizon was curved when I had the lens at 24mm. A LOT. Embarrassingly so. I'm not really sure what this is called to look it up. Lol Barrel distortion or field of curvature? All I know is it was a lot. Would doing afma on this lens help any? Is it pure user error?  :o Or is this just normal for this lens? Someone I know said it was because I used the "kit" lens, but this is an L lens I thought it would be better than this. I mostly am not using it at 24 so it really only showed up today when I was at the beach taking some pictures.

If I can figure out how I'll try to attach an example. Thanks for any info/help anyone has on this issue.

Lenses / Advice on replacement/upgrade for my kit 18-55 Ef-s kit lens
« on: April 02, 2013, 10:51:18 PM »
Hoping to get some advice from some of you more experienced people. I have a T4i that came with the kit 18-55 basic lens. I recently got the 50mm 1.8 and have fallen in love with it. To my novice eyes the image quality is noticeably better than what I was getting with the kit lens.

So my question to you all is what lens could I get as an upgrade to the kit lens I got that would be better in terms of image quality? But would give me the same, or similar, focal range that the 18-55 is giving me? Without going to the L lenses? Or am I asking for too much?  :o I'm not necessarily only looking for Ef-s lenses. If I'm going to invest in lenses I'm almost inclined to only buy EF. Just in case I one day take the plunge into the FF world... But any recommendations would be great.

Thanks for any help and let me know if my questions need any clarification.

Lenses / naked eye equivalent?
« on: March 23, 2013, 04:56:25 PM »
I can't seem to find the answer to my question, which is what lens could I buy for my T4i (or any crop camera) that would give me an equivalent to what the naked eye sees? 24mm? 35mm? Sorry if this has been asked a million times but I'm just curious. I recently got a 50mm, 1.8, and am loving it. I wish my camera had come with this lens! But it has gotten me curious about other prime lenses and I want one that's close to the naked eye.

Thanks for any help or info.

P.S. Is the 50mm the naked eye equivalent for a FF camera?

Software & Accessories / Starting to work with RAW. Help?
« on: January 24, 2013, 08:43:35 PM »
I've just started to shoot in Raw format and am lost as to what to do with the files.  :o I'm hoping someone can help point me to somewhere with some links or tutorials for beginners?

I use an iMac and am right now just using iPhoto. Which can do some basic editing of the raw photos. And I can save them as jpg's. That's about the extent of my knowledge! I see a lot of people here use Lightroom for editing. But I was thinking of purchasing Apple's Aperture. Any thoughts on using one over the other? I'm very used to the Mac software but really would want whatever can help me learn how to make my photos better in the easiest way.

I hope this isn't too open ended a question but any help would be appreciated.

EOS Bodies / New Rebel T4i vs 60d/7D
« on: January 17, 2013, 09:25:34 PM »
I think I know what I'm going to do already, but I thought I'd ask some people that know what they're talking about. Sorry if this kind of topic is done to death here.

I currently own a Rebel XSi. It is long overdue for an upgrade. My dilemma is do I get another Rebel or do I bump things up a notch or 2 and get the next level up. So I started looking at a 60D or even the 7D. Which i think are the next levels up. But from my understanding these models have not been updated in awhile? Whereas I know the T4i was updated in the last year. I don't need the absolute latest newest, but I don't want to spend the extra money and get technology that is a couple years old either.

So definitely leaning towards the Rebel, but with my luck a new 60D or 7 D would come out the day after I get the Rebel. Lol I'm also going on vacation in 2 weeks and am not wanting to wait long for anything newer. So would the current 60D be a better purchase than the T4i now?

I'm a very amateur amateur. I'm really using the camera for fun. Travel pictures etc. at this point a 5D3 isn't even a wish for my purposes. I just want a basic "good" camera. Any input would be appreciated.

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