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Software & Accessories / Capture One Pro 8 - Announced
« on: September 17, 2014, 05:51:01 PM »

If like me, you used Aperture3 for your workflow and are now considering your options after Apples's disappointing discontinuation of the software, you may be interested in this. In the promotional video it indicates you can 'import from Aperture.' 

I will be downloading the 60 trial and assessing.  If you're in the same boat, or you already have Capture Pro 8, perhaps we can share your thoughts here.

Street & City / White Night in Melbourne with a 40mm Pancake (on a 5DIII)
« on: February 24, 2014, 08:03:45 AM »
Hi fellow members,

On Saturday night we had the White Night festival here in Melbourne and boy was it busy.  Half a million people came into town to see it and I've never seen so many DSLR's and photographers in one location!  My intention wasn't to go in fully equipped with gear but instead pass by on my way home from a card night.  I was on a bicycle so I wanted to travel light and my ideal lens selection may have been my new sigma 35art but after a couple of minutes deliberating, I decided on the 40mm pancake. Easy.
Any other CR members there too?, post your pics.

Video & Movie / Hawaii and my new Canon 100D
« on: August 06, 2013, 08:42:52 AM »
I recently bought the Canon 100D and thought I'd share my experience with it so far with my fellow CR friends.

I justified buying this camera as it could serve as both a holiday camera and a backup to my 5D's. However it's become my favourite go to camera for all my shooting bar professional gigs.  It's light, it's compact and it's so cute.  The controls are so easy, it has a dedicated iso button, I'm getting to love the touch screen and I don't feel precious about it - I just throw it in my bag and take it anywhere.  Having recently sold my 7D, it's also given me back the crop factor and the variety in focal length to all my lenses.  Chuck on the 40 pancake and you could pretend it was a pocket camera. It really is like a new born baby, that I just want to keep close and hold all the time :D

Here's some of what I got up to in Hawaii with the camera - time lapse together with some of the in camera miniature effect (also, a very small amount of GoPro video from the red mustang convertible we hired - that's exciting for an aussie).


EOS Bodies - For Stills / My new baby
« on: June 20, 2013, 08:30:03 AM »
That's it, the one on the right. My new 100D/SL1

I couldn't help myself.  My intentions were to buy this sometime further down the track when the price dropped and Canon released more pancake lenses to make this truly compact.  But I'm heading to Hawaii with the family next month and it is the end of financial year here in Australia so I've justified myself to a little treat and tax ride off.

I've only had this for a few hours but I'm really impressed with how intuitive it is - no need to read the manual, dedicated iso button, touch screen and being able to turn the top dial without the lcd screen going to black (what is it with the 5D III doing that?).  Coming from a 5D background I wasn't expecting much on auto focus speed but wow, it's up there.  Video auto focus works quite well when your not chasing a 4 year old. 

I love it's size, it's so cute, I think I'm going to take it to bed tonight :D

I thought my fellow canon rumor buddies may be interested in this article I just read...

Hi guys, wondering if someone has encountered same issue that might have an easy resolve and save me having to take the camera in under warranty.

I finally decided to buy FoCal and calibrate all my lenses together with my 5DIII and 5DII.  All went well except now the 5DIII is not auto focusing in any setting other than Full Auto (green) mode, and video mode while pressing AF-ON.  So basically the focus system simply does not respond (like it was in manual focus). 

I've tried:
-different lenses
-checked lens was in AF
-changed batteries
-'clear all camera settings'
-disable AF microadjustment

I'm assuming it will be a software issue and hoping someone might have an easy resolve.  I'd appreciate any ideas.

Do a software update on you're Mac.  It's finally here...

EOS Bodies / What will we do after Feb 27/28?
« on: February 22, 2012, 05:57:25 PM »
The anticipation for the new 5D has been coming for so long, with so much of our time preoccupied by it, what will we do for the next 4 years after the announcement?  Go back to taking photos?

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