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Street & City / OT: How to get street photos to look Tastino-style???
« on: September 15, 2012, 01:20:31 AM »
The guy doesn't want to share his techniques, and we'll grant him his wishes. Any links to resources that give a tutorial to achieve that 16:9, cinematic feel to street photos?


Third Party Manufacturers / Cancelled my D800 pre-order... !!!
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:56:46 AM »
...First of all, I hope no one interprets my post as a flame-bait troll post, I write this as a current owner of both Nikon and Canon SLRs (film & digital). Let me explain how I arrived at my decision, after carefully considering and evaluating all the initial reviews and sample pictures I've seen from the D800 on the various websites. I have a feeling that the D800 would be like what I felt when I saw the pictures from a D200 and D2x, sure, both "tested" well if you read the reviews at that time for both cams, some even claimed then that the D200 noise & overall IQ was as good as that from a 30D, the crop IQ king at that time IIRC, while the D2x, according to those same reviewers, compared favorably with the 1DIIn & 5D even though it had a 1.5x crop sensor. I'm also one of those who thought that the Nikon D50 6MP CCD had better IQ than the D80, D40, D40x while others were pointing to charts & graphs to say otherwise. Anyway, I'm not saying the D800 sucks or what, nor am I saying that I'm getting the 5D3, since if money was no problem I'd only be choosing between the D4 & 1DX to be honest. But I'm also not one of those +2000 fill-lighters, +10EV digital exposure compensators, +20 luma/+20 chroma noise reduction slider-movers, or 800% pixel-peepers nor is my hobby cropping & resizing every damned picture that comes out of my camera , nor do I even shoot RAW all the time since I don't have the time to develop every single frame or tweak every setting just so to "maximize" the digital negative. Really, how many shots in a week do those "I only shoot RAW" guys make and do they have time for anything else? Most real pros I know don't even do that, and these are the guys that are so busy they don't even participate in online forums like this! :P

I hope no one bashes me for what I just said, I think I need to buy another lens or two instead of getting some other body. I'm still withholding judgement on the AA-cancelled D800E though. I'm currently shooting with a 5D2 & a pre-owned D300s I won on eBay. Cheers to everyone, since I know this site is for Canon owners and not for Nikon trolls to cross-post like they do on other forums where many brands are discussed.

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