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Lenses / Wiggly focusing ring.
« on: March 23, 2014, 08:45:59 PM »
So a few weeks ago I was trying out a new system of attaching my 400f5.6 to the shoulder strap of my pack.
It was extremely convenient. Too convenient, and when the last thing in the world I expected to happen, happened (I tripped on my own snowshoes), the lens came out of the rigging and fell a few feet to the ground (only a few inches of snow, unfortunately).

My new rigging uses a clip that must be actuated to release the lens, so I don't have to worry about dropping my lens anymore (I'm using a quickdraw, a pair of professional grade climbing carabiners attached to each other with some webbing, and one clip thoroughly attached to the webbing on the shoulder strap. I tied a good loop of paracord to the lens-plate for the other end).
The focusing system seems fine, if there are any problems it's too minor for an f5.6 lens to care, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and seen further consequences later on. Or if they have an estimate for how much it cost to fix.

The other half of the point of this post is just to re-iterate that Murphy is real, and he is out to get you.

Third Party Manufacturers / Oh neat, a Nikon 300f2 (1981)
« on: January 26, 2014, 05:54:26 PM »
On the other rumors site they noted that a Nikon 300f2 went up for sale.

I thought, "oh neat, a 300f2 sounds like a great idea". Turns out the thing weighs 7,500 grams. That's almost twice as much as the 600f4ISII, and as much as two whole 300f2.8ISII+1Dx kits.
Things really have come a long way.

I can't wait for Canon or Nikon to put out a few more crazy projects like these again.

Third Party Manufacturers / Poll: D800 vs. 5D2. Where did your money go?
« on: January 10, 2014, 09:24:53 PM »
It seems that the 5D2 and D800 are in relatively similar positions in their own respective times. The current advantages of the D800 seem to bring the forums alight with nearly semantic arguments about what is inferior or superior and the actual value of those differences.

As the saying goes "put your money where your mouth is", it would be very interesting to see how many people on this forum actually bought a D800, and conversely, how many people made the same choice when the 5D2 was the best camera in its class.

Note, there's no option for Canon users who bought a 5D2 and Nikon users who bought a D800, I guess those are kind of a given.
There is also a protest vote for those that prefer not to worry about the technical details of their camera.

Lenses / Samyang 800f8
« on: October 08, 2013, 10:19:37 PM »
My new lens just came in.

One set of images is out of the T3+400f5.6 (ISO 1600) and the other out of the 5D2+800f8 (ISO3200), 1/500sec and I used the same shooting technique for both so results were similar enough. I'll have to wait for a sunny day to really test what it can do, but just from what I've seen so far there's no doubt that the Samyang is great value for money. I must say I was expecting a bit more, but even if it only equals my 400mm lens, at a fraction of the cost it's still doing pretty well.

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