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Photography Technique / How to frame a good bird/animal shot
« on: February 08, 2015, 08:42:28 PM »
Hi All,

Two years into this renewed hobby and I'm still learning and needing to learn many things.  It seems I have been too focused on maximizing the subject and framing or cropping to closely (I suspect this comes from CR's focus on "sharpness in  detail" influencing me) and also I've been placing my subject too centered, at least this is a comment from someone I believe knows what he's talking about.

So, I'll start with a photo some of you will have see that I posted that I had cropped and include the original so that some suggestions can be made on how to optimize the impact of my shot, say if it were printed.

From there, any sample's anyone wishes to use to illustrate right and wrong framing are fine.  Hope to see some good advice for us beginners who care about being better.


Perhaps this only pertains 6D and 70D users but I'd like to see some discussion on using EOS remote.  There is considerable potential especially for shooting birds or animals that don't like a human nearby.  From my digging the documentation seems minimal and I'm learning by trial and error. 

I have the app on my desktop computer and today installed it on an android phone.  They seem fairly different with the phone having fewer features - it seems to me.

So, I'd love to hear advice and hints on using it.

Today, shot from my desktop about 25 feet from the camera which was on the deck about 6 feet from the Downy.  -20 C or -4 F made this pretty appealing today!


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