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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Canon T2i/550d write speed n Burst mode
« on: June 28, 2013, 11:12:05 PM »
Hi all,

I use a San disk Extreme SDHC card which writes at 45 mbps as my primary memory card. I have a 32 gb Sandisk class 4 ( dont know about write speed but i assume around 10 mbps ?) as my backup card. When i use the class 4 card , burst mode(RAW only) is virtually unusable. Its really slow and clicks and lags every 2 secs. and the time between shots is a lot. So planning to upgrade my backup memory card.

Whats the write speed of t2i (550d) in the continuous burst mode and whats the speed of memory card i should be buying ? Even with the 45mbps card , the camera takes time to buffer even when shooting continous Jpeg(only) after about 15-20 shots. Is this normal ? What memory card i should be buying so that the continous burst mode (RAW only or Jpeg only) performance is at its best ?

Since the bottleneck is in the camera's performance only , i'm trying to understand if a 30 mbps Sandisk Ultra card would suffice my needs or should i invest in another 45mbps extreme card.

P.S i dont care about videos :)

Lenses / Budget lens for birding ?
« on: April 20, 2013, 03:06:10 AM »
Hi all,

I'm from India and i'm new here. I am very interested in bird photography. I currently shoot with 550d (t2i ) and a 55-250 IS 1 lens.
The 55-250 lens is an amazing lens and i'm very happy with how sharp the pictures turn out to be.  I feel the lens's af is fast enough to even capture birds in flight in-case the backdrop is sky. I havent used any expensive lenses till now. The only problem with the 55-250 lens is, reach . I'm missing out on too many good opportunities because i simply am not able to approach a bird by foot and get a good shot without having to crop a lot in PP .
So considering this , i'm thinking of upgrading my setup with a budget 1500 $'s ( My bro can buy the equipment in US and send me here ). What do you guys suggest ?
1.100-400 lens ?
2.what are the different versions of this lens ? does it couple with 550d (t2i) . how fast would be the autofocus with this body and lens ? I'm not sure how much the body would affect the speed of autofocus. It would be of great help if someone can explain how/how  much the autofocus of the body would affect the performance of the lens .
4. I can wait for a couple of months too if there's an oppurtunity of the price going down for the lens. whats the lowest price you guys have seen on this lens ?
5. Or do you guys suggest me to buy a better body first and then rent lenses till i find the budget for the lens ?

Thanks for reading :)

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