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PowerShot Cameras / A very attractive Powershot idea: SX1 MK2
« on: December 15, 2013, 12:52:37 PM »
I have an SX1 and love it dearly.  Since it came out many other powershots have come out.  I keep waiting, and ::sigh:: what I'd love to see may never happen.  But, I think it is worth throwing out valid ideas, and here is a wish list for a SX1 Mk2.

1.  A larger CMOS sensor.  Not massive, but bigger.
2.  The 50 times lens from the SX50, but, bigger diameter, so faster
     (yes I know it means bigger and heavier, but if you had that 50x and one stop faster than the SX50 would you care?)
3.  A new battery idea.  Keep the proprietary battery, but shape it like 4 AA batteries.  Now you would be able to put in 4 AA's in a pinch, and still enjoy the power of lithium.
4.  HDR
5.  Yes, keep my precious remote, but make it just a little bigger, just a little.
6.  Keep the 1080p 30fps
7.  Give it real threads up front for filters instead of needing an adapter.
8.  Put a focusing ring on the lens for manual focusing.  It could also kick in manual focusing just by turning the ring.
9.  Spend a couple extra bux a camera on packaging that will protect the camera.  The paper mache was split on my SX1.

Well that is a sweet wish list.  But I'd like to say I'm still thanking Canon for my SX1.



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