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As a photojournalist, I tend to have 2 and sometimes 3 cameras hanging on my body (usually one wide-mid range zoom and a 70-200 on the other body) and since I am shooting and on the move constantly at most events I have had plenty of problems grabbing my 70-200 (with my 1DX) and finding that all the settings have gotten changed as it bumps against my body (I do tend to turn the top of the body towards my boy versus hanging outward as I have found that it gets beaten up more when it's facing out (i.e. the hotshoe and top facing out, versus turned inward to my body)...

So long story short, I'm getting sick of this as I have milliseconds to respond, grabbing my camera and then I get it up to my face and find I'm on ASA 10,000 and shutter speed of 1/8000....it's starting to get really annoying...

So I figured out how to set-up the multi-function lock so it will lock back dial and multifunction dials and I figured out how to disable the modes down to just manual (I NEVER shoot on anything other than manual or bulb) but the thing I can't figure out is there a way to disable the small ISO button on the top of the camera near the shutter speed dial?...between shutter speed dial (which I can lock via multi-function lock) I can't figure out if there is a way to lock/disable the ISO button? the ISO and the Shutter speed dial seem to be the things that get changed the most often...I can't seem to find anything about disabling the ISO button or locking...anyone have any ideas?

Thanks....and just to answer in advance, no I don't want to use some wierd new harness contraption that someone has come up with...maybe good and fine for shooting weddings but when you are covering protests, riots, war zones, NFL games, etc...I have not found one that would be more dangerous than useful...

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