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Hi all,

Whew...has been quite awhile since I last posted anything...I gotta get back with it.

Anyway, I was toying with the idea of buying one of the SLR Magic's Anamorphot Anamorphic lens adapters, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these yet.

Here's some links:
And of the things I'm trying to will this work with ANY of my current EF lenses. It says the taking lens can be no more than 50mm in diameter...lens diameter, not filter diameter.  I'm having problems finding out what lens diameter my lenses are.

That being said, I saw that the Anamorphot has stepper rings of  49mm, 52mm, and 58mm...and the adapter itself is 62mm.

So, looking at my lenses, it seems my L stuff is too large?  I think the 70-200 f/2.8 is 77mm on the filter size, as is the 17-40L and the 24-105L. So, I guess my best glass won't work with this thing, eh?

I do have the 85mm 1.8 at it appears to be filter ring of 58mm, and the 40mm pancake is about 52mm filter size, so guessing since those match the stepper ring sizes these would work.

But can someone confirm this...I need to make sure the lens diameter is 50mm or less.

Anyway, like I said, it appears my good glass might not be compatible. That being said...what canon glass WOULD work with this thing? What with quality would work? Is there a quality zoom that would work with it?

Anyway, I would really love to play with anamorphic for my video work and my initial research on what's out there for this is prohibitively expensive and this lens setup, with the diopters looked like a reasonable way to get into this format.

So, anyone have experience with this? Recommendations for lenses, etc?

Thanks in advance!!

cayenne   8)

Software & Accessories / 20% off Spider Holsters
« on: November 24, 2014, 02:59:13 PM »
I've been watching a Creative Live class and they posted this discount code...thought I'd pass it on:

"Spider Holster   is giving away a one time use per customer, 20% off minimum purchase of $100, good now until 3/31/15. Just use the code: JEFF20"



Video & Movie / My Dorito's Superbowl Commercial Submission
« on: November 12, 2014, 05:59:34 PM »

Well I did my first collaboration on a video and we've entered it into the Dorito's $1M Superbowl commercial...

Please give it a watch:

If you like it, please rate it high and share with social media and anyone you know!!

It was shot with my Canon 5D3...mostly the 24-105mm f4 and 17-40mm f4 lenses...I also tried my hand at my first green screen.

I used Davinci Resolve to try color....strange that once the Dorito's site uploaded it to my YT really over saturated the colors much more than what I had on my screens when editing...

We did have 3x VERY good looking models, and NONE of them showed up for the our "athlete" called a girl friend of his, and our makeup artist got an immediate new role.

Anyway, my first endeavor trying something like this....renting a place, hauling equipment all around....getting there and being told we had an hour less than supposed to....etc.

Anyway, was fun and a good lesson learned in logistics....please leave thoughts, ideas and again, if you like it, please vote it up on the doritos site!!


Video & Movie / My latest Cooking Video
« on: August 18, 2014, 11:57:37 AM »
Hi Folks,

Whew...been a long time since I posted last, been a busy year.
I just posted my latest YouTube episode of my cooking video series:
CWI: Cooking While Intoxicated.

I think I'm surely but slowly making progress in composing, lighting and editing.

This was shot on my 5D3, I used a Rode Videomic on camera and this was the first time using the Rode smartLAV hooked to my iPhone in my pocket for better sound.

I ran into hiccups with my usual workflow...due to versions of FCPX going to latest version, and having to run on Maverics (upgrade, ugh), and also with Davinci Resolve from 11beta to regular v11.

Anyway, this was also only my 2nd dive into try to use After Effects in a meaningful manner, I used this for the time-lapse segment at the end, and also for the motion tracking parts where I attacked ingredients graphics.

Anyway, I had a LOT of trouble with color, for some reason, Resolve now...shows one thing on its screens but when rendered, it looks MUCH lighter on any other playback system and I cannot figure it out. I have to really overdo things in resolve with a final node at the end of each clip to overdo saturation, get it to look normal in FCPX or even just paying quicktime on my desktop.

ANYWAY...with all that, I am happy with this result....and do check out the outtakes/bloopers I added on after final credits, I didn't color correct those, so you can see how the shots look coming out of my camera Flat using Marvel's Cinestyle.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!


Hello all,

I'm getting ready to bring in some 5D3 footage I shot for the first time, using the 30fps frame rate, this was to match other video cameras on the shoot, guessing they were shooting 30fps.

I'm about to bring it into Davinci Resolve Lite, and I learned in the past, especially with Resolve and FCPX roundtripping workflow…that the 5D3 does not in fact shoot 24fps, but it shoots 23.976fps, and Resolve is VERY sensitive to this….took me forever to figure that roundtripping problem out.

With 24fps from the 5D3, I make sure on Resolve and FCPX both that they work with and out put to 23.976 so that it works.

So, with that being said….on the 5D3, is 30fps == 30fps  or is it something like  fps in reality?

Thank you in advance,


Video & Movie / The 2013 New Orleans Bridal Crawl Video
« on: February 18, 2014, 03:59:49 PM »
Hello all,

I've just posted to YouTube the first video to come out for this charity event I shot last Sept here in New Orleans.

The charity was for  Cafe Reconcile, which helps inner city kids learn about the food service business, which is a big deal here in NOLA...from being a chef to business mgmt, etc.

The video here, is my first ever attempt to do a video for anyone external to just me goofing off in my kitchen doing my CWI (Cooking While Intoxicated) cooking videos.

I've created a simple montage to try to show the fun for the day.

We start the day off at Muriel's a restaurant in the Quarter, and attempt to set the Guinness World records for most people (men or women, this is New Orleans after all) in full bridal costume. We had officials and every thing.
Unfortunately, rain hit and we lost all last minute walkins, and we didn't come close, but it was a fun day, and we're thinking this is a dry run for this coming year.

After the record attempt, it turned into a pub crawl all over the Quarter into the Warehouse dist.

I shot this with my Canon 5D3. I rented a 50mm f/1.2, which helped a LOT for many of the scenes, which were in very dark bars. That one scene inside Gordon Birsch is at f/1.2, it essentially turned night into day in there where the Asian guy in the right is photobombing me..

I ended up using my Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 a lot too...

I brought the 17-40mm f/4, but it didn't get used nearly as much as the other two lenses. I'm going to buy that 50mm f/1.2 this year.

Everything was shot pretty much using my manfrotto mono pod with video even doubled at times for a steadi-cam for moving shots.

I shot everything flat using the Marvels Cine style, and I graded in Davinci Resolve 10. I bought the Neat video noise plug in for Resolve and used that to clean up noise.

I edited in Final Cut Pro X, 10.0.9 I believe...the one before you had to have Mavericks.

The beginning logo fly in, and the ending credits were my first every try to work with Adobe After Effects, and wow, I'm blow away by what that can do...will be learning that intensely going forward.

Anyway, this is a first semi-pro effort I've ever made. I can see warts in this, but the client is extremely happy, and it has been very much a learning experience. I NOW know how to do a round trip with Resolve and FCPX...although my next project I may try to learn Premier too.

Anyway, here it is, please  give me your thoughts and your constructive criticisms.  I really appreciate the comments by the crew here on CR.


Software & Accessories / Which version of FoCal for a 5D3??
« on: February 18, 2014, 03:48:46 PM »
Ok, I'm thinking of jumping in and getting Focal to amfa my lenses, and with a 50L purchase (hopefully this year) I'll definitely want to configure that.

As I understand it, since you have to manually make the settings for the 5D3 camera, full "auto" version likely isn't going to do much for me.

I"m reading on the comparisons:

And as I go down, I don't see anything much really on the Plus and Pro versions that would seem to make a compelling reason to get them over the Std. version.

Can anyone that is using Focal with a Canon 5D Mark III jump in here and say what version they bought and if they got the Pro or the Plus versions, what extra features in those over the standard version are you finding you use and are useful?

Thank you in advance,


I know it is almost released, but seems to be a lot of demos on this and it looks interesting.

The adapter is coming out for $899 and a set of 3x diopter lenses for it optional for $299 for close ups.


Links about it and demo videos:

NoFilm School:


This video demo from Eyepatch Entertainment, goes through showing how to set it up and use with a Blackmatic camera and is quite intriguing...a lot of trouble to set up, but the images, to me look VERY interesting.

Video Demo setting up SLR Magic lens:

I'd really like to think about getting this lens, to play around with, but need to make sure it will work with the lenses I have, etc.

The site says this about the adapter:
The adapter has a 77mm front filter thread and a native 62mm rear thread with a 58mm, 52mm, 49mm adapter rings provided. As such it is only suitable for lenses which have a front element size of 50mm or less.

Does anyone know off hand what EF lenses this would work out with? I'll start researching but wondering if anyone knew off hand..

I currently have:

24-105L f/4 lens (kit)
17-40L f/4
70-200 f/2.8 II IS
85mm f/1.8
40mm f/2.8 pancake

I need to start looking up to see what size they are for filters, etc....

Has anyone else heard of this one? Is anyone else out there with a Canon, shooting anamorphic? There was another apparently nice recent release, the Letus lens...that comes in about $1700.  This one appears to be a way to get into shooting anamorphic for a bit more reasonable cost.

Thoughts? Links? 


Hello all,

I was reading through another thread and saw mention of CPL. I googled it and found it is about circular polarizer filters (Should it be CPF?)  :)

Anyway, I read a bit and it seems you can use these to cut out the glare and shoot into water and see fish, and also that it could help with shooting skies to get a richer color, etc?

Can someone give me more insight as to what these are good for? Used for? Techniques for using it?

What lenses does it work best for? Wide? Tele? What situations are best for this?

After that...what are the good quality ones to get brand wise? Can you get one size and use stepper rings to use on different lenses, or is it best to get a couple of different ones to fit directly on your lenses?

Please feel free to post anecdotes, personal thoughts and uses, sample pics....and links to sites that really have good info on using these.

Thank you in advance,


I've been looking to use DSLRDashboard on my older Xoom Android tablet to control my a monitor and also to maybe use it to change settings on longer time lapse without having to touch the camera.

Take a look at this article:

I've gotten the wireless router in from, I think it was about $29...I've not had time to flash it and try it out yet, but planning to do it soon.

Anyway, for those out there wanting a budget video monitor or remote wireless control for their camera, give this a look.



Lenses / What's a good anamorphic adapter for use on Canon EF lenses?
« on: January 17, 2014, 01:48:30 PM »
Hi all,

I was reading this article and watching a video about anamorphic adapters and was wondering if anyone here had experience with them, and could possibly recommend some for use on Canon EF lenses? If not too $$$...I was thinking it would be fun to experiment with....

Here's the article I was looking at:


Thanks in advance,


Hi all,

I'm trying to work from Lightroom to do a timelapse.
I've been scouring and found that the most popular google searches show me that an addon, LRTimelapse is pretty nice...however, it has its shortcomings and I'm looking for a native tools type solution.

I have played around and have been able to get Photoshop to do timelapse, but the trouble is, I can't get it to work smoothly with the photos cataloged in LR.

I am a bit of a noob with both of them, so please forgive me if this is easy.

My first run of images about 500 is in jpg, I'll be doing this again in RAW or maybe small RAW to be able to adjust them better.

I import them into LR with all my other images shot that day, but different file names to differentiate them.

I've done my adjustments and tried to select all in LR and send over to PS. I tried to send them over all as a smart object, and promptly crashed my computer.

I've started in PS, I opened it up, started with a Video Layer and pointed it to the image files where LR stored them. This worked ok, however, none of my adjustments are on the images (no cropping, no color, etc).

So,  while I was able to get a timelapse working with isn't working and playing well with LR which I was hoping to do.

I bought the Adobe CS6 Production Premium Suite, before they want to the CC rental model, and I also bought Lightroom 5.

I was hoping to somehow use LR -> to PS or even Premier or AE if that would work, but I just can't figure how to adjust my images in LR and somehow send them with corrections intact, to another app that I own to create the timelapse and render the video.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!!


At first glance, I think this is basically the HP version of the Dell U2711 monitor I have...when I got mine about a year or so ago..was nearly $900. If this is the same basic thing, it is a steal for about $349.

Hope this helps someone....I love the size and above HD resolution when editing photos or video. If my macbook pro (late 2011) would handle doing 2x of these I'd grab an extra one..but will only work with dual monitors if they are both thunderbolt monitors...and won't do dual if doing thunderbolt to displayport like I'm doing currently.

But give this a look....


Is there someone messing with the CSS on the front / home page or something? It keeps coming up really borked at times...right now, looks like some sort of custom mobile interface, but I'm on a regular computer with browser....

Seems either someone is messing with the site that shouldn't be, or someone is going testing on the live site rather than a test one??



Hi all,
Well, I'm starting to get tired of waiting for the Magic Lantern firmware to get out of alpha for my 5D3.  And, with it setting (at this time) an un-resettable boot flag, that when even not running ML, it causes quite a delay from turn on or coming out of sleep, I'm gonna wait to do that.

But, I'm highly excited about trying RAW video.

The BM pocket camera, at about $1K is quite interesting, but I have NO idea about micro 4/3's lens systems...
I'm not sure what lenses to get with this camera due to its sensor size, etc.
I've heard there is an adapter out for mounting canon EF lenses to this thing, which I'd really like so as to save me buying more $$ glass.

Can someone give me some pointers, maybe a some good links to read about this or a brief description of what I'd be getting into here on this thread?

I love my 5D3, but while I wait for ML to get RAW working properly without permanent changes, I'd like to possibly play with the BM Pocket, any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

I've gotten a LOT of good help here, but the forums over at BM are pretty dead from what I've seen so far...

Thanks in advance,


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