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Lenses / help on lens
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:27:42 PM »
Hi  - I have 5D 3 and 7D and at the long end 70-300L.  Waiting for a new 100-400L  to appear but..... keep on waiting. In the meantime would the 200 2.8 L be a good addition for well lit sports stuff?  Love the 135 L.  Any 70-200 zoom seems like a lot of money for not much more than I have at the moment. 200 f 2 too pricey and too big.  But the prime 200  on the 5D3 and the 70-300 on the 7D or various combinations look quite nice.  In due course a 100-400 lens with 1.4 TC  would be great but the 200 is not so pricey that other combos get ruled out for the future


Software & Accessories / Focal
« on: November 13, 2012, 10:36:44 AM »
In case interested people haven't seen it, the latest beta of Focal for Mac was released yesterday - I for one was having connection problems which now seem to be resolved

Lenses / need help
« on: October 14, 2012, 03:53:53 PM »
My present gear is 7D, 5D2, 70-300L, 24-105L, Zeiss 18 and Zeiss 50 plus Kenko 1.4 TC.  I have about £1000 in my camera fund which is sort of earmarked to upgrade the 5D2 to a 5D3.  ( Subject of course to the 45 mp camera not becoming available in two weeks time at £2000 and waiting to see what else might just be around the corner).

But wonders of wonders I have a little old pension policy about to mature which will generate a little extra for the camera fund without my wife getting too excited about it ( say £2000) and early in the new year I might trade down my car which might also add £2000 to the fund.

So happy days! 

I am a pure hobbyist, mainly taking pics of my kid doing sports and general family and travel pics.  So the 7D and the 70-300 are non negotiable as is the Zeiss  18 but after that how best to spend my ill gotten gains?  It needs to be something special.

Thinking the 1 Dx is just too big and showy for what it adds compared with the 5D3 plus lenses?
Thinking people like the new 24-70 but given its price does it really add much for me compared to the 24-105 given how much I love the Zeiss at the wide angle?

Thinking I don't like the 100-400 at all and sold a copy a while ago.
So does it come down to a choice between the 135 and 400 5.6  or the 70-200 II IS. + 2 X TC III ?   Or if both boats come in do I go for a real super tele?

What would everyone suggest?  ( PS I am a Yorkshireman so don't need to spend all  the camera fund even if it is there.....)    Of course there those telling me I should ditch the Canon FF stuff and buy the D800 but I am not convinced.....

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