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I just purchased brand new 70-200 f2.8 is ii a few days ago and after half a day of shooting with 5d3 i feel something loose from camera or lens. I am not sure where the movement its coming from but it cannot be heard, i can only feel it (something loose) when tilting the camera or with any movement. So i did some experiments and came to conclusion that the slight movement came from between the lens mount and camera mount. when i firmly press in the lens towards the camera, no play at all.

when the lens is mounted onto camera i can hear the lock engaged and it seems firm but if you were to use a little force to move left or right you can feel little play, there is no up-down movement just left and right.  now i am a little concern because i've never own a heavy, nor have any telephoto lens prior to this one so i am not sure if this is normal for telephoto lens or the lens itself needs to be exchange? and my 17-40 and 135 f2 seems perfectly fine when mounted on my 5d mark iii. no movement at all.

does anybody here encounter the same problems with their 70-200 f2.8 is ii.

thanks for your input

When I first bought my camera 5d mark 3, I noticed an over exposed vertical band on left side of image, so I sent it in for repair at customer service centre in Mississauga. Since it is still under warranty, they replaced the new sensor and updated the firmware. It only took 3 business days to completed the repair! I just need to only showed them my receipt.

On Thanksgiving holiday I went out for photo shoot and my camera accidentally fell onto a rock; resulting a broken lcd and some scratched marks. Due to the impact, the lens also resulting a broken rear mount. So i dropped it off for repair at same location without hesitation because I knew they would do a great job like the first time I sent it in.

The following hour, I mean literately the next hour after I dropped my camera and lens in, I received an email for an estimate of the repairs. I was like wow! so fast. That night I made the transaction online for the repairs. The next day, I checked the repair status online and found out my camera has been completed! and my lens completed the following day.  I am just beyond words how fast the service was.

That's not all, there's more great news to it. When I picked up my camera and lens, I notice the scratched marks has been fixed without any additional charges, sensor cleaned, firmware updated, rear camera lcd, top lcd, shutter released button, all covered with protected sticker. I am just overwhelmed and excited with the great services I getting at Canon Canada, the completed repair shows how the technician put a lot  meticulous care and efforts into. The overall cost of repairs is not even that expensive.

I don't work for Canon or neither CPS member, I just wanted to shout out my great experiences. If any of you hesitated to send your gear in for repair at canon due to cost or whatever it is, please don't hesitate anymore, just do it! I will certainly guaranteed you will be very satisfied. They will take great care of your gears and turn-around time for repair is lighting fast. I don't know about USA Canon, cant comment on that.


EOS Bodies / Need advices, white line across photos...5D3
« on: September 06, 2012, 11:28:17 PM »
I bought my 5d3 brand new, never brought it in for service but thinking about it... before i do,
can i get your advices to why my photos turned out the way it did?

I notice the white line across my photo on the left side going vertically, happens on all
photos on the same spot. btw, the sensor never been cleaned before.
white line appears:
- with my other lens also
- regardless of shutter speed fast or long.
- more noticable when i darken the image (adding contrast, b&w etc..)
- more noticeable when bracketed photos merged into hdr as one photo
- with and without clear mrc filter

I have provided some samples for you to diagnose the problems. each samples with "normal" photo and
with "darken" intentionally for this purpose so you can the line more clearly as to what i am trying to explain. On "normal" photo, white line still appear but  less noticeably.

if solutions can be fixed without having to bring it in for service, that would be greatly appreciated.
just don't like to wait or the fear of more problems could persist after bringing in for service due to dissembled/reassembled of parts.


Lenses / Why pick 16-35 f2.8 over 17-40 f4
« on: August 23, 2012, 10:44:27 PM »
I have a 17-40 f4 on my 5d3 and i truly love this lens, little bit of corner softness but other than i love it.

I always have it on my tripod when shooting landscape, i don't shoot portrait with this lens- exclusively for landscape, i must say it is worth every penny but i have never used the 16-35 f2.8 and curious of the performance, i wanted to know in which ways it is better than the 17-40 and is it worth paying double the price?

If anyone of you used 16-35 or have both lenses that can share some of your experiences and benefits of have 16-35 over 17-40 aside from aperture because i always have it on f8-f11.

many thanks

EOS Bodies / Brand New 5d3 with 1500 shutter counts.
« on: May 13, 2012, 03:59:30 AM »
I just purchased a brand new 5d3, had it preorder a week prior picking it up. went home taken a few pictures (about 30) and from curiosity went to eoscount to check out the shutter counts. The shutter counts showed well over 1500 and serial number 5 which i found weird. I also notice when i first turned on the camera the time and date never showed.  I have taken a few more shots just to make sure eoscount is accurate. The website really updates the shutter counts which i have taken.

The CF and SD card i bought for this camera also brand new. I got this camera at Henry's, presumably authorize retailer. Another thing i would like to mention, the employee that sold me the camera said it is the latest batch with light leak fixed by manufacturer. When i got home i notice the first 6 digital serial number is 1 instead of 3. I am shocked that i was being lied to, also with a camera that is defective with 1500 plus actuations. it was my mistake to not check the serial number before buying. up until now, why would the store still have the first batch of camera?

anyone have any idea why my brand new 5d3 has over 1500 shutter actuations? am i getting a returned or refurbished copy? what should i do?

Note: I just figured that you can check your shutter counts in the camera. in the menu setting under batter info. it showed the shutter count. the number matched with the photos i have taken. which is 55. Now that i think its either eoscount is incorrect or someone have reset the shutter count. I am surprised no one have mentioned about shutter count from camera, you should check it out.

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