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The site administrator has prevented me from continuing to post on the Adorama thread. My money is still not returned its been a week and a day and they still have not provided proof that they have done a thing with my money. All I get is responses from Helen saying that it will be back... Something is seriously wrong here.

Reviews / Horrible experience with Adorama camera
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:03:56 PM »
I placed a very large order with Adorama on Wednesday the 29th of May. I had never made a purchase that large and was informed by my bank that I would not be able to transfer the funds until Friday.  I received several calls and emails from a sales associate named Israel pressuring me in a rude way to verify information.  He called twice on Friday morning and I was unable to answer the phone during the morning. I transferred the money to their account at 2:30 on Friday and immediately returned Israel's phone call. He had left for the weekend. My bank had told me that the money would be in their account no later than Monday. I spoke to Israel and sent him verification of the money order. I spoke to my bank and they told me it would be available no later than 5 PM. I called Adorama at 6:15 Monday and was transferred to a call center who told me that I would be receiving verification of the transfer. They never returned my call. I called several times today Tuesday and sent emails to verify receipt of the money. No one was able to get in touch with the account team until I started getting angry and wanting to talk to managers. They then told me that they had refused the wire transfer because there was no address associated with my account. Instead of taking the time to work things out they simply refused it out of pure laziness. I understand fraud is a big problem but it does not mean that everyone should be treated like a criminal. I then asked them to return the $25 fee for wire transfers. They told me that the bank assessed it and therefore they are not responsible for it.

I have wasted hours on the phone, $25, was treated very rudely and I have delayed receiving my equipment for about a week depending on how fast they return the money and the bank can verify the reverse. I am very dissatisfied as a consumer and I encourage everyone not to choose Adorama especially for larger orders. I'm going with B and H, the only reason I didn't initially is because they were showing backordered at the factory on the 600mm F4 and I had no idea how long it would take to come back in stock (it was back in stock the following day, man am I kicking myself for that decision). I will write back with further updates.

Site Information / Are you guys crazy?
« on: July 12, 2012, 01:32:17 PM »
First off, I am not trolling, I am not a professional and I am not a canon fanboy. I am simply a big time photo enthusiast, first time poster (not a big forum fan) and tech junkie who has been banging his head on his keyboard every other post in this forum.
I am not trolling: I'm not trying to inflame people for no reason I am just trying to understand the motivations of the forum posters.  I suppose you will have to take my word for it.
I am not a professional: I take pictures pretty much every day on hikes and vacations of wildlife, usually for several hours a day after work when I can get away with it during the summer. I'm a gearhead though.
I am not a fanboy: If I had my way and a good deal more money than I do I would put a D800E and a canon 1d MkIV for speed on a canon 600 IS II for my main lens, canon 70-200mm mkII, both canon TCs, tamron 24-70mm VC if I had to buy a 24-x zoom right now (the vignetting is horrible but I suppose I could take it out in post but its great for very low light and shooting video which is alot of what I'd use the lens for) and the sigma 180mm OS macro when it comes out which seems like it will be a remarkable lens, and use the nikon flash system. Nikons have historically produced better AF (I think that has changed though, we'll see), have a better flash system, better DR on a good deal of their cameras and historically better low light performance on their top end.  Canons are clearly the choice for sports, videographers and action because of high-speed, high-MP (historically), better telephoto lenses, better color performance (minus oversaturated reds, everything looks green and blue on nikons to my eye) and lower noise on their crops at least.  If you see a pro wildlife photographer or a pro sports photographer they are almost always sporting the big whites (great marketing but horrible for theft deterrent, people who don't like to be noticed like me and for spooking wildlife and subjects who don't want to have their picture taken). These are all opinions and I have NO desire to argue, maybe I'm completely off-base.  Logic would seem to say that they both have similar market share, similar advertising and similar use by professionals: they probably are pretty similar quality-wise.

WHY is it every time a canon product is released, everyone posts about how much better nikon is and the canons are crap, e.g. the D800 is better in every way, the 1dX has half a stop better low-light performance and not worthwhile, the 5d3 is better than the 1dX, why doesn't the 24-70 have IS, the 1d IV has totally crappy autofocus in all situations, etc...? This is a rumor site for canon users. Logic would SEEM to say that people here would enjoy their gear if they are constantly on the site seeing what will be released next. Canon and Nikons are simply tools to get good photos and good photos usually come from good photographers not good gear.  Why so much discontent with Canon on this site?  Is no one ever happy?

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