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For all you professional photographers out there, do you usually carry around a back up? (such as a point&shoot/mirrorless/iphone)?

I currently have a dilemma whether i should spend some cash on a decent back up or suck it up and use my iphone. Heres the funny part... I have attempted both of these routes and there's no clear answer (at least for me) because i usually end up whipping out the 5d3.

As for using an iphone, I quite enjoyed this while i was travelling in vegas earlier this year. I was at a somewhat restrictive convention show and they wouldn't let me shoot with my dslr unless i had a media pass. With my iphone being the only camera i had in my pocket, i used that with ease and grace along with some instagram filters to satisfy my needs. However, at certain instances, i did long for some manual controls and DOF....

In terms of point and shoot/mirrorless, I have the Nikon V1 with several lenses (10mm, 18.5mm), however, im kinda feeling this is a money trap and maybe i should swap it for a cheaper point and shoot alternative. I had originally purchased this with the intent of doing some discrete street photography, however, my style has changed to the point where it is not needed anymore. With technology constantly upgrading itself, i am considering selling this while its still worth something and get something decent (ie Sony RX100) before it depreciates to nothing. Yes, i know the sony will also depreciate, however, at its current price, it offers better performance and versatility in comparison to my Nikon at a comparable price.

I guess it has been hard for me to decided because my full frame 5d3 does everything so much better, however, i realized something like this restricts me from the  few professional sporting events and concerts I'm planning on going to this year...

What your opinion on this?

Lenses / 35L "focus stuck" after drop?
« on: January 10, 2013, 07:34:46 PM »
I recently tripped and my 35L gently touched the pavement while in my camera bag. At first, I didn't notice any problems, however, i tried using it at my friend's birthday party and I noticed the something was wrong.
From what I can tell, the lens now suffers from the very common 50 1.4 focus stuck problem.
Have any of you experienced a similar problem? Any idea how much i should expect to pay for the repair? :/
I'd love to get this fixed myself because I'm heading off to vegas on monday and its the only walk around lens i have... canon depot quoted me 10-15 days

Without taking money into account, which of these lenses would you choose?

As of this moment, I am a stronger believer in shooting only prime lenses (I own 35L.85L.135L), however, I'm tempted to get a zoom for Weddings, Events, and Travelling.

In the past, I've encountered some venues with VERY poor lighting  and set up as a result of poor organizers without much consideration of the photography. At these instances, I find myself shooting a lot at f2 for consistency reasons with high high ISOs (ISO 6400 - 10000 on 5D3) or I find myself missing moments because I lack the room to move about.

This really bugs me and I feel a flash coupled with one the two aforementioned 2 lenses will able to solve my problems. I understand the merits of having a f2.8 over a f4 lens in low light IF theres no flash involved, however, if we factor one in, how much does it the f2.8 really help? My other photographer friend is telling me 2.8 because of the low light capabilities, but like i said before, I don't feel this applies to me because A) I have f1.2-1.4 primes for when SHTF and B) I personally find there are marginal benefits for low light when a flash is involved. The 24-105 in my case APPEARS to be the ideal choice because its more compact, has IS (dreams of trying out cinematography later on), and a longer range.

What do you more seasoned photographers think about this? Are there factors I have forgotten to take into account?

Also, how much better is the glass on 24-70? (Yes this bugs me :D)

Lenses / For those who say 85L is too low..
« on: November 11, 2012, 12:26:00 PM »
Yesterday I stumbled on a city wide hip hop dance battle in Calgary. For those who say the 85L is too slow for fast paced shooting... check it out!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / How good is the 7D autofocus system?
« on: August 10, 2012, 11:26:54 PM »
I was recently talking to a professional photographer friend about D800 vs 5D3 (both of which he uses extensively) and he strongly believes the 5D3 new autofocusing system is MUCH more accurate at low light in comparison its Nikon counterpart. He also told me about how Canon skin tones tend to better.. etc.. list goes on.. By the end I think im going to join the Canon side pretty soon.

Coming from a Nikon background, I'm not too familiar with anything Canon. Shortly after, I picked up my friend's 7D and i noticed the autofocusing was just bang on fast and amazing! Keep in mind I know the focusing is highly dependant on the lens too, i truly believe the 7D autofocusing system is solid.

Based on the rumours, it seems like the new 6D will inherit the 7D autofocusing system and the D600 will inherit the D7000 autofocusing system. I have already used the D7000 extensively in low light and it does its job decently, however, after picking up the 7D, I'm really unsure which one has the edge over the other.

A lot of the photography I do is done low light areas which is why this accuracy and speed in lightly lit areas will be the deciding factor. Can one of you more experience canon guys give me an unbiased opinion on the AF system in comparison to the D7000? Does the 7D low light accuracy resemble the godly 5D3 system I've heard about?

Thanks in advance!

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