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EOS Bodies / Canon 70D RAW Samples vs Nikon D7100 Compared
« on: August 29, 2013, 09:18:39 PM »
After seeing all the mess in the DXO thread I did a little digging and found a test done by someone who has both on a Chinese forum. If anyone wants to see it, here it is:

Obviously this is in Chinese so I had to interpret, to my knowledge it has build, ISO performance, AF performance(this is very subjective), and shadow/highlight recovery. I have to say after seeing the shadow and highlight recovery of the 70D, I am somewhat disappointed.

EOS Bodies / 5D III or 1D IV for sports!
« on: January 31, 2013, 04:14:23 AM »
First of all, THE important thing is this is mainly for sports (hockey-often, basketball and volley ball- sometimes, football and soccer-rarely) Will use 2470, 70200 and new Sigma 120-300 when it comes out. Currently I use the 1Dmk3 and 1Dsmk3 with the 2470 and 70200 and find the ISO fairly hard to push over 3200, even at 3200 they are not great. Previously I had a 1D4 but it was sold so I'm looking to get the 5D3 (never used it before) or the 1D4 back, advices?

Lenses / Canon super tele choices!!!
« on: August 12, 2012, 10:47:24 PM »
Hi guys, I've just created an account but I've been reading on this forum for quite some time now. It seems there aren't many posts about superteles so here I am, posting this question. ;)

I have recently grow an interest in sports photography in addition to what I do usually, which is landscape so I'm probably a complete noob in this area but I am stuck between a choice of lens.

First we have to exclude the new Canon super teles as they are EXPENSIVE!!! It's true, I can't afford them no matter how good they are.  :(

So the choices, the EF300mm f2.8 L (non-IS version), the EF300mm f2.8L IS(first version), EF400mm f2.8 II(non-IS) and the EF400mm f2.8 L IS, all second hand of course, since they are all been discontinued. And if someone could give a comparison of the first generation IS super teles to the latest one on AF and IQ that would be fantastic!

Mainly for hockey, football, basketball and soccer. I already have the 70-200mm f2.8 so yea. Body I will be using will probably be a 1D IV I will use my 1Ds III if I have to...... ;)

Thanks for your help guys!

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