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Lenses / Reverse teleconverter
« on: February 19, 2013, 12:41:24 PM »
I shoot Canon, both APS-C and Full Frame and consider them complimentary to each other. The recent rumors about a possible 7D upgrade have got me wondering...

Why doesn't someone create a reverse teleconverter? Something that you can put between your Canon EF lenses and an APS-C body. It could be something like a -1.6X or whatever. Since this would squeeze all of the light from the full frame image into a space the size of an APS-C sensor, I'm assuming you would gain approximately one stop plus of light. You would also have the advantage of having the same FOV on an APS-C body as you have on a full frame body and I'm assuming the same DOF.

If someone were to build this and it actually worked as described, I can see a huge market for it.

Is something like this possible? Am I nuts (don't answer this)? What do you think?

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