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EOS Bodies / Re: 70D performance against video cameras
« on: December 16, 2013, 04:53:21 AM »
im in my 40s, i worked back in the late 80s i was at wcbs while a audio student of Audio Institute, i am not saying there is anything wrong with fusing 35mm with mirror cameras, no doubt was the 5dmkii a transformation, I am only asking what Video camera would be the equivalent to the 70D.

While the GoPro seems to be mentioned (if you google around) its a totally different game, the GoPRo is a action camera, small, shoots 120FPS for real time capture at high speeds for slow motion, yes i wish my 5d3 had a tilt screen, shot at 120FPS at 2k i fact but Canon made it so that you BUY their cinema gear instead or they would have  no reason to make a 5D in the first place, its a FF photo camera not a video camera, the 60d and 70d are their low end plastic video cameras with cropped sensors.

So whats the equivalent to the 70d a nikon?? a Sony? there has to be something out there that delivers the same results but provides all the bells and whistles the 70D does not as a PHOTO camera with video features.

EOS Bodies / Re: 70D performance against video cameras
« on: December 15, 2013, 07:46:03 PM »
you know the thing is that the 70D is more less a 7D in a 60D body, the only features it has to provide above the crowd of Canon cameras is that it has auto-focus during video and wifi ike the 6D which has wifi also and a FF.

Most video cameras are not true FF (apart Arrie etc), even the Sony so called FF recently with the option for interchangeable lenses, i am just wondering what pars up with a 70D and also whats around the corner with the Mirror-less cameras.

EOS Bodies / 70D performance against video cameras
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:24:39 PM »
So i am suprised anyone with a FF 5diii/ii 6D would rather sell and get a 70D for video,
I understand that if a person does more video then portraits, has no need for portraits or a studio they should get a video camera, but why a 70d if its not a FF and there are other video camera options out there that do so much more?

Can anyone share a good comparison with video cameras at the same price range, are there not video cameras even cheaper now that exchange lenses like the 70d, Sony, Canon etc???

problem solved, the new june 9 nightly built has a file menu, you can copy move etc from cf to sd card lol


Playback menu > Image copy.
i shoud of mentioned i was shooting with the ML firmware and RAW, i tried your method i guess it does not see the files

maybe ill ask there


can i transfer CF files to the SD internally?

i am been wondering if this is possible, i do not have a cf reader, i can get photos and videos of it from a usb cable and the canon EOS utility, but i have been shooting RAW files and it dos not see these, can someone explain


With the latest firmware (1.21) we now know what the compression does not really change image quality, as the uncompressed H.264 output via HDMI looks just as rubbish as the internally recorded compressed H.264 (at 24Mbit in IPB mode).

however THIS looks way more interesting
sorry this is out dated guys

i want a 4:2:2 +

best rumor i heard in years guys, at the end of the month depending on what the competition or their customers do about this already out dated 5d3, the 7Dmkii prob will knock it off the shelf even sooner,

miss pessimistic

what you mean by "We" and hope so, you want canon users to go to Nikon?


from what i understood, Canon has no firmware update scheduled for the 5d3, why would they, they rather have a 5d4 to sell for more money

i am 99 percent certain this will hit the fan soon, the month is not over but the update was the main reason people got the camera, canon used false advertising on this part to fool the public into buying their 5d3 over competition like the black magic cinema camera or the GH3, low light or not the 5d3 firmware promise was false  to milk the money from those skeptical about buying a 5d3 and now i doubt anyone has confidence, well april is not over, comes may im out of the canon world

so will there be a 5dmkiii update or will there be a class action law suite, because allot of people got this camera after hearing about the update, they could of got the D800 with full HD out

no i think the reason for the delay is they want to promote their cropped C line, Canon seems to have a inbred mentality, its like they only want their own products to compete with each other and have on connection with the  world any more, oh well, im very upset this time, gonna put a black duct tape on my camera

Hmm I figured they were holding off the 5D3 enhanced video firmware for NAB, but it seems not :(. Surely hope it didn't get lost along the way.

Great for the C-series users though.
they better get it together or its gonna be NIKON for me

EOS Bodies / Re: Are 5d3 owners happy with the video, ALL i?
« on: March 25, 2013, 07:52:48 PM »
I love the video produced by my 5D Mark III.  I use the 24-105mm f/4 L lens and in Premier Pro CS6 add 28-35 sharpening.  In low light, even with that lens, the footage looks fab.  No complaints from me.
although i use my 5d3 in manual 90 percent of the time i do also see a quality difference, but do you guys think the problem is that the 5d3 processes at 4:2:0, until April (a weeks time) output at 4:2:2 will finally be available, but then we all need a ninja or other brand capture device via HDMi.

ive been testing my 5d3 to see whether i can pull of video and photos that look close enough to not tell the difference but i find its the lighting and i never get the same results with the same exact settings, it seems i have to tweek a custom setting for video and then switch to it from my typical manual or AV mode for photo rather then just go into live mode for video on the 5d3, you guys run into the same thing? 

EOS Bodies / Are 5d3 owners happy with the video, ALL i?
« on: March 25, 2013, 09:38:31 AM »
I don't know about everyone else but a friend aka stringer sent me screenshots of videos and picture and the video is very noisy, looks terrible, 

i tried the to compare my videos with photo taken at lower res as well and no matter what i did the video paused looks nice and large but the quality and noise can be compared to my ipad 3, total joke.

look at these taken by the stringer,  first is a photo and then a video, totally different under the same day light and settings, he says they where taken with a 25/105mm lens, 125/f8, the video was shot at ALL-i

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