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EOS Bodies / Re: 7D replacement: What is a "fine-detail" sensor
« on: August 28, 2014, 02:48:14 PM »
Here’s my take:

The term "fine Detail" means same old stuff. 

What is it going to take for Canon to get moving with sensor technology!  With what appears to be yet another major camera launch with a sensor already behind the competition I just don't get it! 
I hope I'm wrong but if they stuffed the 70D sensor into this body it is a failure from the day it is launched.  The pace by which Canon takes in designing their replacements means you’re stuck with that junk for 4-6 years and by then my camera phone will probably be taking pictures better than that!

I was hoping Canon might break out of their mold and become innovative and put some real new technology sensor in their "Flagship APS-C model", I should know better.  I would expect this model to exhibit best in class low light and larger DR of any APS-C camera on the market, after all we are talking about a Canon Flagship, top of the line model here right?  I'm certain that the price will reflect that, but I have serious doubts that the camera will perform to that level.  All the other features are a moot point if the sensor does not knock it out of the park in DR and low light performance. 

That's my two cents, and I’m afraid Canon has lost me I think, just can't justify the investment any longer.  I’ll keep what I have a while longer but I will be moving on, and likely away from Canon, as sad as I am to have to make the transition I see no future in this wretched course.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 20, 2013, 04:14:31 PM »
Canon is going to regret their hesitation and lack of action embracing the mirrorless niche.   This may sound a bit bold but this is the exactly the type of thing that puts good companies in jeopardy.   It is a short trip from comfortably profitable to desparately broke.   With the rapid advancement of the mirroless format including some awesome full frame sensor options I can't see it slowing down and it will eventually overtake the more familiar traditional DSLR format.   Cheaper to manufacture (offering greater profit margins to boot) and image quality nearly on par and soon to be equal in all respects am I the only one who can see that the SLR format is terminally ill?  Oh sure there will always be the holdouts and denials just as today you have the few who would not break from film SLRs but they will be relagated to a small niche. 
Let me just add that regardless of what many may want or think these companies are in business for only one reason; TO MAKE A PROFIT, this will and already is driving companies into this format.  And is the ONLY reason Canon hasn't jumped ship yet because today they are MAKING MONEY.

I for one am going to offload all my Canon gear in the not so distant future, as I am excited by the progress and simplicity of the mirrorless format and definitely wont miss the extra weight and bulk if my old gear.

Lastly if Canon would invest now and produce a sensor that was at least on par with the new Sony and Fuji sensors put it in a body that offered manual and automatic controls and features (like the X-PRO-1 only better) I would buy it without hesitation but I lament because they won't.   So I will move on having enjoyed Canon products when they were cutting edge and moving on the the "new" cutting edge where ever that leads
me Fuji/Olympus/Sony who knows  :o it's a brave new world!

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Vanguard Equipment
« on: August 14, 2012, 11:09:01 AM »
I own an ABH-340L ellipical ball head rated at 88lbs, and find it very well made and easy to use.  The fact that their products carry a lifetime warranty speaks to the quality and confidance they have in their products and I would not hesitate to purchase additional items from them should the need arise.

Thank You Canon! 
It's like getting a new camera (almost) for free!
I am so glad that Canon decided to do this, I feel like Canon really did the right thing here.
They could have just as easily left the 7D alone and introduced a newer version (7D MKII) but they invested in their customers and I for one think that was the right thing to do.
 ;D ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: Mirrorless Vs Regular DSLR -- Your thoughts???
« on: May 18, 2012, 09:48:41 AM »
     Strictly from my perspective I think that the average consumer interested in high IQ (quality above that now found in the Point & Shoot realm) should now thoroughly consider a mirrorless format since until just recently it hasn't been a viable option over the traditional DSLR though cost and quality has brought the mirrorless format camera into a stronger position especially now that you have multiple good options available.  With ever improving AF systems (not there yet) and even higher IQ at a somewhat lower cost (not always mind you but generally speaking) it is fast becoming the "next" progressive step in the path towards professional level gear. 
     I also believe this market will grow and really consume the low end of the DSLR market share and eventually I can imagine MFR's like Canon and Nikon reducing there "entry" level DSLR options to 1 model simply because the mirrorless format will continue to take market share away from both entry level DSLR sales and higher end point and shoot sales.  Modern smart phones with 8-12MP point and shoot style cameras has already starting eating up the low end of that market and eventually the combination of camera phones and mirrorless format camera will render point & shoot extinct.

     One of the greatest benefits the mirrorless format camera has is its ability to use nearly any lens ever made by any manufacturer and we’re already seeing this with the simultaneous introduction of lens adaptors and new mirrorless camera bodies being commonplace.  I also believe we may see MFR’s making mirrorless format camera bodies that do not offer lenses since there will likely be a multitude of lens offerings available, just as we see lens MFR who do not make camera bodies today.  Greater proliferation of these mirrorless format camera bodies from more and more MFR’s will result in lower prices and higher performance and in my opinion is a very exciting future for budding photographers and casual enthusiasts alike, not to mention the niche fill they already provide to many professional photographers.

I think the future photography gear progression will look something like this:

             Camera phone --> Mirrorless format --> DSLR

I for one am not at all interested in shooting video.  I was perfectly happy with my 450D (last Canon Rebel DSLR to not have a video function) and only upgraded to improve my still shot capabilities.  I also believe it is impossible to add video into a DSLR body without increasing the cost, IT JUST CANNOT HAPPEN!   Now I would not want to speculate on how a MFR such as Canon might go about determining the return/retail costs, since there are so many factors that go into such an analysis, but I guarantee you the cost of development and features for video function are ADDED to the end cost, MFR's are not giving us anything, ever.
    So IMHO there is an increased cost to adding the video functionality albeit probably not a significant added cost to retail (10% is my WAG) and the limited R&D costs are also shared in the development of a DSLR thereby taking away valuable funds that might go towards still photography features that are at present being spread a crossed both still and video.  Could they build a "still only" and create a single minded focused purpose built DSLR with today’s modern features strictly as they are related to still photography (such as a option of in-camera HDR) and sell it, I'm sure they could but I doubt it would cost any less simply because the video features taken out of the body would be replaced with added still photography features.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 7Dmk2 any rumors??
« on: May 07, 2012, 09:26:39 AM »
     Not an expert by any means but with regard to Consumer, Amateur, and  Professional hasn't Canon already defined that for us by offering the three classes, Rebel, XXD, & XD lines? 

     I am not saying there is no overlap, there obviously is, and there always will be but generally speaking with regards to Canon DSLR line I think that it is pretty clear how the manufacturer breaks it down. 

     Now I think the real confusion is on how the individual uses their gear, such as if someone uses a T3i for performing paid work, weddings, portraits etc, he or she is obviously in it to make money and regardless of skill or gear by the classic definition since they're making money they are defined as a "Pro".

     If one was to have 15K worth of 1D X body and "L" lens yet never did photography for money then they would fit the definition of either Consumer or Amateur depending on their aspirations I suppose.

     So in my opinion there is “professional” level gear (rather easy to define) and then there is the category of the user/photographer (much more subjective to define).

     Lastly there is the SKILL of the photographer, this catagory for me seems pretty easy to define as well.  If an individual is capable of setting or preparing for and capturing what they set out to get with regard to the composition, exposure etc.. then they are, in my mind, demonstrating a professional skill level regardless of the gear they own/use.  Someone with professional level skills can most likely create better images with lower level gear than a consumer and amateur with the best gear.

     So from my perspective I would break it down like this for Canon DSLR bodies:
          Pro                  1D series
                                   5D series
          Amateur         60D series
          Consumer     Rebel series

          Makes a living from photography                                               Pro
          Sometimes sells prints but does not do it full time              Amateur
          Never sells anything all for personal satisfaction/interest  Consumer

     Skill level:
        Creates the image he or she setout to create almost always      Pro
        Creates image he or she intended at least half the time              Amateur
        Creates decent images but most often relies on the
        equipment and very basic knowledge to get the picture
        without a lot of work                                                                              Consumer

     Please don't be to harsh, these are JUST MY OPINIONS and I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings its just how I percevie things.

Id choose a 7D. high burst rate, 19 AF points, and weather sealing who could ask for more from canons crop sensor dslr lineup.

These were some of the main reasons I choose the 7D over the 60D back in Jan when I upgraded from my 450D.  I also got it brand new with the 28-135 kit lens for $1052.00 out the door! making the price a real bargain and pretty much sealed the deal.  I am exceedingly happy with my decision as I'm sure you will be with the 60D they are both awesome cameras. Enjoy!

Canon General / Re: Gear upgrade. Is 7D still worth buying?
« on: May 03, 2012, 02:53:34 PM »
     Everyone will be loyal to the gear they own and I understand that but it seems apparent to me that while the 7D offered very capable video technology it tended to offer better still photography features that set it apart from the 60D for me.  The awesome AF system and best in class FPS were all contributors for me in making the choice of the 7D over the 60D.  Maybe I should have been more specific but what I meant was that the 7D appeared to me to offer greater capability for still photography which is why I was upgrading (XSi/450D was the last Rebel to not offer video) I felt that the fact that the screen articulates on the 60D seemed gimmicky to me rather than of any real practical use (in my case) since I do most of my reviews off camera on a hi-res computer monitor and don't shoot video where it would likely be of greatest use nor did the screen resolution hamper my choice for the same reason. 

     With regards to the viewfinder comment my thinking was that with awareness that your camera employs a 100% viewfinder which can super impose the two-way level there should be no reason to "mindlessly" frame your subject, but that is probably attributable to me being the less than amateur guy I am!

     I read many reviews and opinions on the IQ of both bodies and it seemed to depend on which one you read as to which one seemed to have what always amounted to a "negligible" difference either way.  Certainly too small to be considered when not employing "L" class lenses for sure and the low-light advantage remains with the 7D, and for me I need all the help I can get!

     The weather resistance advantage that the 7D has over the 60D was also important though admittedly not at purchase, it was only afterward when I was caught in a rain shower at our local botanical gardens while shooting with a buddy that it proved invaluable, since my 7D came through the wetting down flawlessly while my friends 50D did not.

     Since my interest remains firmly in the still photography realm "Magic Lantern" is of little interest to me at this time though who’s to say that when it becomes available for the 7D I might give it some thought.

     Lastly I couldn't ignore the unbelievable low price I paid for the 7D.  It was cheaper than what you can purchase a 60D for today on!  (When you include a kit lens as I did with my 7D)

Canon General / Re: Gear upgrade. Is 7D still worth buying?
« on: May 02, 2012, 01:34:48 PM »
     I own the 7D and it was through much research and shopping I settled on the 7D as an upgrade from my 450D (XSi). 

     When I purchased it this past January with the 28-135 kit lens I paid $1052.00 out the door!  I bought it at the Navy Exchange (Tax free) and was able to score it on sale then added Canon Rebate which had been ongoing at the time, and added 10% off because I opened the store credit with Zero interest for 12 months and you could not wipe the grin off my face.  As a matter of fact the grin is still there! 

       If I were to compare my 7D to my 450D there would be so much to say about so many areas that are better, but it boils down to this for me. 
  1.  Far better photographic quality no matter what situation I find myself in when compared to my 450D (which I still own) and afterall isn't that really the point?
  2.  Far more efficient functional access (fewer steps, easier operation).
  3.  The 100% viewfinder and LED overlay graphics in the viewfinder are great for me. 

     I would not even consider myself to be an amatuer yet.  I take pictures, I enjoy photography and I am learning, (don't ever want to make a dime from it!) but this camera makes me look good, sometimes really good, and I like that.  At least in photography the equipment does matter (at least at my level it seems). 

     For me the biggest contender was the 60D but I am not into video, and it seems to me that the 60D went down in scale to more closely pair up to the "Rebel" series rather than going up towards the Pro series camera's and that is what brought me to the 7D ultimately.

     I do have several what I consider "entry level" Canon lens that I play with and I am now trying to decide on the model of my first "L" series lens that should take my photography to a new level (hopefully).  I have NO regrets with my purchase and I have bought the BG-E7 battery Grip and already owned a 430EX II flash which may also soon find itself in the company of another one :) I am also methodically reviewing high quality substantial tripods since the two I own while minimally adequate do seem to be stretched to the limit to properly hold the 7D with BG and Flash with even my 55-250 IS zoom. 

Long and Short If you haven't already bought it, hurry up cuz you're mising out!!

Contests / Re: Holga Giveaway
« on: July 20, 2011, 08:35:31 AM »
Ooh-ooh!! Pick Me Pick!! Me!! ;D  ;D  ;D

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