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EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Problems with Canon mk3 locking up
« on: February 27, 2013, 06:54:54 PM »
I am scheduled to buy a Mark III tomorrow and I saw posts about video capture lock-up/freezing and I was alarmed so I immediately reviewed my Mark II footages. Here's what I think. I have used a Mark II for a feature film last year and I know that these DSLRs can only record up to about 12 minutes of full HD footage in .MOV format. Why? Because any card whether CF or SD and even flash drives are formatted in FAT32 regardless of its capacity which means they can only keep up to 4GB (I've recorded a 4.18GB of 00:12:12 footage) of file at a time and 12 minutes of full HD in .MOV is exactly 4GB. I think that's what causing it to lock up. The only problem is that it shouldn't freeze to avoid losing data. Mark II just stops recording and stores that long footage. Then you just have to push record again. So to those of you who already have the Mark III who use it to cover long events, hit that pause/record button before it reaches that 12 minute mark.

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