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Lenses / Re: Microadjusting a lens - quick question
« on: January 30, 2015, 03:31:34 PM »
On the 6D you would do - (towards the camera).

EOS Bodies / Re: Big Announcements Coming Next Week [CR3]
« on: January 29, 2015, 01:41:04 PM »

I know, I'm off on one again... People are fascinating though, aren't they?

Our expectations are spoiled by our phones that now do so much.  We expect everything else to have everything and be better than anything before.  It's quite a challenge to keep up in this world.  ::)

Purchased a body and some lenses refurb.   Same experience as buying new items from Canon.  No problems to report on the purchase process or the items I received - all looked and functioned like brand new.  I usually double dip and wait for the refurb sale (15%) or other $ off promotions to make it really worthwhile. 

Popular items go fast so its best to sign up with Canon Price Watch to get notified when an item appears.  Even then they can be gone before you get there.  I once got an item in the cart, but took a few minutes to get out the credit card and it was gone before I could complete the purchase.

EOS Bodies / Re: Big Announcements Coming Next Week [CR3]
« on: January 29, 2015, 04:17:56 AM »
My only point was Canon needs SOMETHING with competitive 4k that isn't $10,000.

Why?  Canon was the first to make a 4K dSLR, so clearly they have the technology.  The fact that they haven't brought 4K down the lineup indicates they haven't seen it as a need so far.  I suspect Canon knows more about their business than you do.

Yes they have it. That's the point. The last FF bodies released were 2013. 4k was widely a non-issue at that time.  2015 is a new day and quite the opposite is the case now. Point was that these NEW bodies should have it for this round for the next 2-3 year life cycle

Giventhe current market penetration of 4K TVs (or lack thereof), I suspect it's still widely a non-issue.
I believe the market forecast for this year is for 4K TVs to outsell 2K TVs..... At my local best buy, the 4K section is now bigger than the 2K section. There is still not very much content, but people are buying them.....

The original HD tvs did not take off until broadcast switched to HD due to limited content and high prices.  It's become mainstream now and sets are available at 10% of the price when I got mine.  Yes, I'm an early adopter. 

3D suffered from lack of content and the glasses problem - it never really caught on.  I skipped the 3D craze, bought more camera equipment and upgraded my desktop/laptop. 

Now that the 3D fever has worn off, the manufacturers and retailers need something new to hawk so they have latched on to 4K.  The early adopters for 4K are out there now, upgrading their 3D tvs.  It's unclear that 4K can penetrate the mass market any time soon without readily available content to drive it and a network infrastructure to deliver it.  Like DVD to HD, upscaling 2K to 4K can only go so far.  We'll need another order of magnitude improvement in network pipes that are still struggling just to handle NetFlix HD traffic. Some form of physical media for storage and distribution might be nice, too.

Reviews / Re: Review: Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8/15mm
« on: January 28, 2015, 06:22:42 PM »
I'd hesitate to drop this kind of coin on this focal length - I find the 15mm is often not wide enough. At a similar price point, the rumored 11-24/4 I could justify.

Ok that's my only excuse, in reality, I'm drooling over this lens.

That's interesting, because I have a 14mm lens and I can't imagine wanting a wider focal length than that.  I have a 12mm crop sensor lens (about 19mm equiv), and it is actually a very nice landscape focal length.  Composition would become really difficult at 11mm, and you would literally have to watch out for your feet getting into all your photos.

For architecture 14mm often falls short. This image is with the 14mm 2.8 II, leaving out part of the house on left, glass railing and beach cabana plus environment on right. 11mm may be a bit extreme, but a rectilinear 12mm would have captured everything I wanted. It sounds like we're splitting hairs over a mm or two, but at those widths 1mm makes a difference between getting an architectural feature in the shot or cropping it out. Also, it's not always a case of having your back up against a wall, but using focal width to push features apart, opening ceiling/floor details etc.


Now that's a great example of the "blue" hour.

Lenses / Re: Can someone please school me on Reikan FoCal??
« on: January 28, 2015, 05:13:39 PM »
They also have a new target distance and size tool to help you determine the effective distance range to calibrate your lens,

and a good writeup on target distance and size considerations,

Lenses / Re: POLL: Which of these UWA options would you buy?
« on: January 28, 2015, 04:09:44 PM »
It really depends on where you are coming from.

Ultrawide has its uses and I prefer to capture images rather than stitch or defish them.    I already have the 8-15 and 17-40.  I haven't felt compelled to replace the 17-40 with either 16-35 for the incremental improvement. 

The 11-24 gives me some new capabilities to consider, but I won't really know if I like the extra width until I use.    If the quality is as good as other recent lens releases I'm more likely to get the 11-24 as a complement to the 8-15.  Not sure if I will hold on to the 17-40 since it overlaps 2 zooms.

Primes are also a part of the equation for this range.   I considered the 14mm options, but am leaning towards the 17 TSE.  It sits nicely in the middle of the 11-24 range and offers additional capabilities when I am ready to go down that path. 

I think the 8-15, 11-24, and 17 TSE combination would cover all of my needs for the foreseeable future.

Encountered a herd of 150+ elk in RMNP.  6D / Tamron 150-600

Beautiful shots! That last one too, especially. :)

Thanks.  I wasn't able to get quite as close as you.  I like to expression - seems like its begging a caption.

Yes.  Latest version 1.9.10 working fine for me with a 6D on a Mac Mini with Yosemite (10.10) and Mac Air with Mavericks (10.9).  No crashes so far on this version although I did experience that on some previous FoCal versions over the past few years with previous MacOS versions.

(copied from my response in the AFMA thread)

EOS Bodies / Re: Big Announcements Coming Next Week [CR3]
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:38:22 PM »
Looking forward to these announcements and subsequent reviews.

  • M3 is a given unless they really botch it.  That's ahead of my normal 3 year cycle on bodies and computers, but expected given it was new technology.  I'm getting by fine  with the current M so I could wait another year if there is no major improvement.  Wonder if any new lenses will accompany it.
  • The 11-24 looks like a nice bookend to the new 100-400 in a similar price range ($2K+).  I just might pull the trigger if its performance is anything like the new 100-400.
  • Next FF body upgrade was planned for the end of 2015.  Was originally thinking a 1DX, but the new high megapixel bodies might be an interesting alternative.  My daughter will be happy to keep the loan/hand me down 6D.
  • Rebels and Powershots are no longer of interest.  My wife seems to use her iPhone much more than her Powershot these days and won't touch a DSLR.

Lenses / Re: Auto Focus MicroAdjust--Why the Stigma?
« on: January 27, 2015, 04:07:23 PM »
Any Mac users out there who have successfully run Reikan FoCal on a Mac?

I have to say I was fortunate. The longer lenses used on the 60D have been fine.

Yes.  Latest version 1.9.10 working fine for me with a 6D on a Mac Mini with Yosemite and Mac Air with Mavericks.  No crashes so far on this version although I did experience that on some previous versions.

Since you didn't mention it, did you compare exposure settings (aperture/shutter/iso) between the Nikon and Canon images?  That may account for some differences.  If you go back you might vary these to compare f/2.8 vs f/5.6 vs f/8 with your own camera - you might notice image differences with that same camera/lens setup.

EOS Bodies / Re: Big Announcements Coming Next Week [CR3]
« on: January 27, 2015, 12:29:34 PM »
The MOST important factor for Canon to gain ground in mirrorless world is EF adapter to mirrorless. If they can come up with adapter with decent AF speed, better than current ones on the market, I think that will give Sony, Fuji etc... good run.

Enlighten me on why they need an (EF adaptor to mirrorless) "adaptor to mirrorless with decent AF speed"?

In what way does the current EF-EOS M Mount Adaptor affect "AF speed"? And how would you improve it?

Or are you talking about some other adaptor?

I think it's more about the M than the adapter.   

Seem to remember previous discussions on AF speed point to a few contributing factors: sensor, algorithm and the battery voltage.   Higher battery voltage increases AF motor speeds so even with the same focus algorithm and sensor, the 1DX will always focus significantly faster than the others while the 5D/6D might focus slightly faster than the Rebels or M.

1DX - lp-e4n 11.1v 2450mAH
5D/6D/... - lp-e6 7.4v 1800mAH
Rebel - lp-e8 7.2v 1120mAH
M/SL1 - lp-e12 7.2v 875mAH

In my experience the M Live View focusing is faster than Live View on my other bodies (6D/550D), but that may not hold for the newest bodies with DPAF.  Live View/contrast detect may still be no match for phase detect, but on an M that's all you have.  Still, it would be nice to have a faster AF on the M in genral.

Thanks, all!  The '5-in-1' reflectors suggested by neuro and famateur look good.

Chauncey: I actually do pick wildflowers locally and shoot them in my garage.  But I have in mind rare species found at the end of long hikes.  Picking them would make me less popular than those who chill or freeze insects to get nice macro shots.

It could also be illegal.  It is against the law to pick the wildflowers in a national park.  And it wouldn't do much good when I'm above treeline and hours from the trailhead, like a few clumps of purple columbines I encountered along the trail near Chasm Lake in RMNP.  They were clearly marked ($500 fine) since picking them would wipe them out in no time because they are annuals that reseed themselves each year in a harsh alpine environment. 

Sunlight at 11,500' about 4 miles from the tailhead is best handled by a small 5-in-1 kit like the FotoDiox 22" or 32" that easily fit in my backpack.  The columbines spend time full sunlight or shaded by rock outcroppings so a diffuser and reflector can come in handy. 

One other benefit - they can also be used as a windscreen in a pinch.

Encountered a herd of 150+ elk in RMNP.  6D / Tamron 150-600

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