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EOS Bodies / Re: Downgrade to crop
« on: December 03, 2012, 02:00:36 PM »
7D (given the same camera distance BUT different framing) has shallower DoF (paper towel in background has more blur as does the front portion of the husk...

This is absolutely true, but often overlooked or not understood.  The shallower DoF with FF only applies if the framing his the same, and that's because of the greater subject distance needed for the same framing with a crop sensor at a given focal length.

People often suggest that a crop sensor is better for macro shooting, because of the greater number of pixels on target, but also "because of the deeper DoF with a crop sensor."  But the latter does not apply at 1:1 macro shooting, since the distance will be the same regardless of sensor size.  Personally, I prefer FF for macro shooting because at 1:1 I can frame a larger subject (e.g. a FF can frame a quarter at 1:1 but APS-C cannot frame even a dime at 1:1).

EOS Bodies / Re: April 2013 firmware update for EOS 5D Mark III
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:48:37 PM »
No need for rumors.  This was covered in an actual announcement from Canon.  The big points are uncompressed HDMI out and f/8 AF capability.  Here's Canon's press release.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: 5Dmk3 doesnt play with kenko teleconverters
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:44:26 PM »
...the culprit here is some incompatibility with AF microadjusting. To get the Kenko 1.4x to cooperate with your 5DmkIII, you must first disable AFMA and then *take one picture*. After that you can swap on your TC and everything should work normally – apart from having AFMA. You can also re-enable AFMA immediately as long as your TC+lens combo doesn't actually use it (i.e. has +0 setting).

Before the 1D X was updated for f/8 AF, I was strongly considering a Kenko TC - in fact, I had one in my B&H cart when I got a little heads-up on the forthcoming FW update.  Not sure if this issue occurs with the 1D X, but reading this makes me really happy that I can get f/8 AF with Canon extenders.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III Tips, Tricks & Settings
« on: December 03, 2012, 12:59:59 PM »
Is it possible to get it to meter using the selected AF point instead of the center of the frame?
Nope unfortunately not thats the realms of 1D bodies only

I know it's not supposed to be able to do that, but sometimes it does. For instance while sitting in a dark room and shooting down a well-lit hallway, it meters down the hall way with center AF point, but meters for the room when using the right-most AF point (on wall of dark room).

Yes, but that's evaluative metering weighting the exposure toward the selected AF point.  It's not the same as spot metering.  Does it give similar results in some situations?  Yes...but then, a stopped analog clock shows the right time twice per day. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Suggestions for a first monopod for a 5D3...?
« on: December 03, 2012, 12:53:34 PM »
Yes, get a QR plate designed for the lens and keep it in place.
I'd get a monopod that had a simple ball head and the same QR plate as your tripod.
First, consider if you want to switch to the much more universal Arca Swiss style QR plates.  Your Manfroto head can be adapted to take them, mine is.  Then, in the future only buy heads that accept Arca Swiss compatible plates.  That opens you up to a much wider range of options rather than being tied to Manfroto.

+1 - I started with the Manfrotto RC2 system, and it was a weak link.  There's a bit of play still when the plate is locked, which makes fine positioning on a tripod/ballhead a challenge sometimes. 

I had a Manfrotto 694CX monopod with a 234 tilt head.  The head is fine for lenses up to your 70-200/2.8 (I used it frequently with a gripped 7D 100-400).  The 234 head comes in two flavors, one with an RC2 clamp, the other with just a 1/4"+3/8" reversible stud.  I got the latter and put a Wimberley C-12 clamp on it for quick release with Arca-Swiss plates (a Wimberley P-20 on my 70-200/2.8, I now have a mix of Wimberley and RRS plates on all collared lenses). 

Also, consider a Blackrapid strap for when you're carrying the lens around all day - much better than a neck strap.  Attach the BR strap to the lens plate (if Manfrotto RC2, get the BR FastenR-T1 to replace the Manfrotto D-ring, if using an Arca plate, get a small clamp like the Kirk QRC-1" and connect the BR lug to that).

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1DX "Caution 02" Warnings AND Filthy Sensor.
« on: December 03, 2012, 12:47:05 PM »
I didn't take it badly Neuro- I just didn't udnerstand what you were talking about in regards to the dust delete by canon- I think you meant the DPP program- but I tried makign several dust delete profiles incamera, and then using DPP but it didn't seem to work at all

...I think with hte possible lubricant on the lens that it would be too much of a risk/taks to tackle the sensor myself if it's indeed soem kind of liquid or lubricant...

Nope, just making a joke. 

Not sure why the dust delete profile isn't working for you, it certainly should work.  But I've never tried it, myself.

My 1D X came iwth a fair bit of dust, just dust.  I have no problem cleaning that off, and I think that's a skill every dSLR owner should have, since no matter what you do, dust will get on your sensor.  But lubricant from the shutter mechanism, etc., is another story.  If that was the case, I'd send it to Canon, too.

EOS Bodies / Re: Downgrade to crop
« on: December 03, 2012, 12:41:56 PM »
But last time the conversation was comparing a 10D with only 8 megapixels or w/e it has, which made sense.  But cropping the inner APS-c FOV of a 6D wont giver you as big of a difference between the 60D right?  As far as comparing a current APSC to a current full frame, that argument doesn't apply. 

I mean if a crop and a FF shoot a 200mm shot, the crop would 'look' to have further reach, but that could be duplicated, could it not by 'cropping' the FF in post...and wouldn't you have a cleaner pic from doing that from the FF?

Answer to both of these is the same.  From an IQ standpoint, there's not going to be a meaningful difference with contemporary sensors (for example, when I compared the 5DII cropped to the 7D, with no processing the 7D image was a little bit sharper and a little bit noisier...and some NR would reduce the noise and the sharpness as well).  What you're giving up is megapixels...the cropped 5DII image is 8 MP, vs. 18 MP with the 7D.  So the real question is, what image size do you need, and that depends on what you'll do with the images.  If you'll print 24x36" and hang on your wall, the 7D wins.  If you'll print 8x12" for a coffee table book, there's no real difference...in which case, I'd pick the FF for the much better IQ when you don't need to crop, or can use a longer lens. 

Keep in mind, also, that the above applies only when 'focal lentgh limited'.  If you can use a longer lens, the FF wins, hands down.  Back to the 7D vs. 5DII cropped comparison, I also compared the 7D + 85/1.2L II vs. the 5DII + 135/2L (basically the same framing and DoF at a given distance).  The FF won, no contest...

Well, back to Rithmetic. If a FF camera has 16 MP then it's APS-C equivalent with the same size of pixels would be 16/1.6 = 10 MP.

You and Rithmetic.   ;)  You need to get better acquainted with each other.  If a FF camera has 16 MP then it's APS-C equivalent with the same size of pixels would be 16/1.62 = 10 6.25 MP.  Thus, a 6D's 20 MP image cropped to APS-C framing would yield a 7.8 MP image.

EOS Bodies / Re: Downgrade to crop
« on: December 03, 2012, 09:53:05 AM »
But i think only 5D and higher got "pentaprism" which is brighter than "pentamirror" that 6D uses if im correct.

Sorry, you're incorrect. The xxxD/xxxxD bodies have a pentamirror, but the 60D and 6D both have a pentaprism.  However, the VF generally gets more coverage and higher absolute mag as you go up the lines.

EOS Bodies / Re: Downgrade to crop
« on: December 03, 2012, 09:22:05 AM »
Do you actually own those lenses? :o

I have a 600mm f/4L IS II. The "1200mm" is the 600 II + 2xIII, the "1344mm equivalent" is the 600 II + 1.4xIII on APS-C.

EOS Bodies / Re: Downgrade to crop
« on: December 03, 2012, 08:50:37 AM »
So I ask you FF shooters: what is it that you can do nowadays with you FF that you would no longer be able to do if you downgraded to crop?

I'd miss the thinner DoF you can achieve with FF, for the same framing.  To get the FF-equivalent of f/1.2 on APS-C would require an f/0.75 lens...last time I checked, there weren't any in a Canon EF mount.

If your long shots are at the long end of your current zoom lens and you shoot from a distance, you will miss the reach.

Well, we've had this discussion before.   ;)  The reach only matters if your output demands it.  A FF image cropped to the same FoV of an APS-C sensor will have essentially the same IQ - the only thing you're really giving up is megapixels.  So, if 7-8 MP is sufficient (which it is for web, slideshows, and prints up to ~12x18" - and I suspect that covers most people's needs), then a cropped FF shot will do just as well as an uncropped APS-C shot. 

Does it possibly make sense to stick with a crop sensor for telephoto/sports needs and a full frame with a "normal" lens for general photography?

From a sensor standpoint, not to me (again with the caveat above regarding need for high MP output).  Especially if you're not focal length limited.  One of the keys for sports is a high shutter speed to stop action, and the much better high ISO performance of a FF sensor means you can push the ISO higher to get a shutter speed that stops the action.  With the sensor in the 60D (I have a 7D), I really prefer to keep the ISO at 1600 or lower.  With the 5DII, I had no problem shooting at ISO 3200.  With the 1D X, I routinely use ISO 6400, and I'm fine with ISO 12800.  That's 3 stops better than I prefer on the 7D (although I can tolerate ISO 3200 on the 7D, so call it 2 stops to be conservative...but still that's the difference between a blurry 1/250 s and a crisp 1/1000 s).

Of course, the sensor is only part of the story for sports/action.  The AF system is the other big part.  For fast action, I'd take the 7D and live with the noise vs. the 5DII/6D and lower noise.  The 7D's tracking capabilities are far superior to the 5DII, and will be similarly superior to the 6D.  But I'd take the 5DIII over the 7D in a heartbeat for sports/action - FF for higher ISO and even better AF more than makes up for the loss of 2 fps.

I can tell you that after getting the 1D X, my 7D has just gathered dust.  As I stated above, IMO a FF image cropped to the same FoV of an APS-C sensor will have essentially the same IQ.  I tested that semi-formally with the 5DII vs. 7D (with a static test scene) and proved it to my satisfaction.  I've actually decided to test my statement above with the 1D X vs. the 7D, with a 600/4 lens, comparing the 1D X and 1.4xIII vs. the 7D (as approximately equivalent focal lengths), and also at the longest AF-capable focal length (1200mm f/8 on the 1D X, 1344mm equivalent f/5.6 on the 7D).  This will be a 'formal' test with an ISO 12233-based chart, and a static 'real world' scene.  If the 1D X cropped gives equal or better IQ vs. the 7D, I'll need to decide if I sell the 7D or keep it solely as a backup camera. 

Canon General / Re: soon to be a 'Canon/DSLR newbie' here!
« on: December 03, 2012, 08:14:06 AM »
Hmmm 15-85mm? It costs around 800$(750euro) Wouldn't there be an L lens in that price range? *Not planning to buy one soon, just curious.*

The 17-55mm f/2.8 IS is even more expensive.  IMO, the 17-55mm is the best general purpose zoom for APS-C, and the 15-85mm is a close second.  Both lenses are of L-series optical quality (as is the 10-22mm), but not build quality. Compared to the 24-105L or 17-40L, those three EF-S lenses (17-55, 15-85, 10-22) actually deliver better IQ than the 24-105 and 17-40 L lenses on the same APS-C camera (and the 17-55 outperforms the 16-35L II on APS-C, I know from personal experience).   

The 17-40mm is sort of 'general purpose' (a little short on the long end) on APS-C, the 24-105 isn't in that category (it gives the FF-equivalent AoV of 38-168mm on APS-C, meaning it's normal to tele, and a general purpose zoom should cover wide to short tele).

The only times I'd recommend one of the L lenses over the 17-55 or 15-85 are if you have a 7D (decent weather sealing) and need a sealed lens to use in inclement weather, or if you have both FF and APS-C or are getting a FF in the very near future (weeks/months, not years). 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1DX "Caution 02" Warnings AND Filthy Sensor.
« on: December 03, 2012, 06:22:07 AM »
Geez, people - RTFM.

I feel like Bill Murray's character in Scrooged - "Scare the Dickens out of people...Nobody gets me."

The email said that the sensors have been sealed to the filter in soem way shape or form for awhile, but just wondering how a company like lifepixel can replace just the sensor filter if it's sealed to the sensor itself? If they can do this, why can't canon replace just the sensor filter alone?

The 'filter' is actually several layers thick.  The horizontal layer of the AA filter, the 1/4-wave plate (what Canon calls the 'phaser layer') and the IR cut filter are bonded together, and this assembly is what vibrates for the 'self-cleaning sensor'.  It's the surface of this outer stack that you're cleaning when you 'clean the sensor'.  The vertical layer of the AA filter is bonded to the sensor itself (well, on top of the microlens array, which sits on top of the Bayer mask, which sits on top of the sensor).  Lifepixel et al., aren't replacing the whole filter, just the part of the filter that's separate from the sensor itself. 

Canon General / Re: Is canon going to come back?
« on: December 02, 2012, 10:20:33 PM »
I can say that when I hold a 5DII shutter button for 2 s, I get 8 images with at best 3-4 in perfect focus. Holding a 7D shutter for 2 s gives me 16 images with 12-14 in crisp focus. Holding the 1D X shutter button for 2 s, I get 24 images with 23-24 perfectly focused.  Means triage takes more time...sacrifices must be made, I suppose...   :P

Lenses / Re: combo af: canon rebel xs, 1.4x, and canon 70-200 f4 is
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:56:49 PM »
The combo will be f/5.6 and will AF on all Canon dSLRs.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1DX "Caution 02" Warnings AND Filthy Sensor.
« on: December 02, 2012, 05:26:24 PM »
Geez, people - RTFM. There's an entire section on the 'randomly distributed narrow-aperture diffraction test pattern'.  Just look it up, and also note the part about extended use as a healing brush calibration tool.  Here Canon gives you this great straight-from-the-factory feature, and they don't even charge extra for it...and all you do is whine.


FWIW, I removed my 'features' with a Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724 Super Bright.

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