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Now the rumored but highly likely 5D Mark III is imminent.  And its specs make me think that Canon doesn't mind the 5D series further cannibalizing the 1D series even more than the what 5D2 did.  I for one drooled over the 1D X high ISO performance and killer AF.  But if 5D Mark 3 can do it only 1 stop less than 1D X and has similar but simplified 61-pt AF, I can totally see myself pre-ordering two 5D3's instead.

What are your plans?

EOS Bodies / Re: The new 5D Mark III ?!?! PICS!
« on: February 27, 2012, 06:26:37 PM »
Great find!  I guess this debunks the "confirmation" on that it would be called the 5D X.  How reliable is that site, typically?  I hadn't heard of them before seeing them referred to on the forums here recently.

Never thought the 5D X name was likely. Glad to see it's called the Mk III.

I was 90% sure it was going to be 5D Mark III, but I wasn't saying anything until it was 100%.

I do apologize for posting kuaDDro's "rumor."  I just thought Digicame-info has higher reliability and its post regarding this kuaDDro's lame 5DX confirmation might be sort of reliable too.  My bad.

So is unreliable after all...   >:( >:( >:(

Updated Feb 27, 2012:

"...We apologize to all readers. Our information about the name of the next 5D, have not been good, although our informant has great prestige in the world film industry. Anyway, we can not lay the blame on the sources. The blame belongs to him who breaks the news (us) not to the source. We assume our error...."

EOS Bodies / 1D X Delay, Weight, Number of Shots ***Official***
« on: February 27, 2012, 02:01:41 AM »

(Available late April of 2012)

"...質量... 約1340g(本体のみ)... 約1530g(CIPAガイドラインによる)..."
(Weight: approx. 1340 grams for body; approx. 1530 grams with CIPA Camera & Imaging Products Association standards)

"...撮影可能枚数の目安(CIPA試験基準による)   ファインダー撮影:常温(23℃) 約1120枚/低温(0℃)約860枚
ライブビュー撮影:常温(23℃) 約290枚/低温(0℃) 約250枚...
(Possible Number of Shots (CIPA Camera & Imaging Products Association standards):
View Finder shooting at 73°F/23°C Approx. 1120 shots
View Finder shooting at 32°F/0°C Approx. 860 shots
Live View shooting at 73°F/23°C Approx. 290 shots
Live View shooting at 32°F/0°C Approx. 250 shots)

Note that all these info had been listed as TBA since day 1 until today.  Canon USA is still listing them as TBA though.

1DX - Flagship all round
3DX - Big MP like 40+ landscape, studio
5DX - Wedding, sports, all round (merge of 5D and 7D) 22mp, 61 AF

And a C3X for the 40MP concept Cinema EOS line?
And the future for the xxD line is even murkier...

I start to worry about how they name the successor of these X's.  1D X Mark II?  5D X MarkII??  Man, it's long!   :o

EOS Bodies / Re: Is the 5DX/III really being announced on 27/28 Feb?
« on: February 25, 2012, 06:40:56 PM »
CR Guy seems still optimistic about the CR3 rating of this launch next week:,3549.msg76520.html#msg76520

EOS Bodies / Re: The Next 5D on February 27/28, 2012 [CR3]
« on: February 25, 2012, 06:36:39 PM »
CR guy probably knows more about the timing these things usually are, but he seems to have disappeared the last couple of days...

That's because Canon have given him his 5D3 back to keep him quiet  :) :)

Or stockists have been getting (NDA'd) news fromeetibgs with Canon, but can't yet share.
As CR does rental business, I'd imagine he's got to evaluate the new kit from a rental, a personal, and the (p)review angle. Beyond any personal stuff.

Or as someone else noted crguy had to return early from his Ecuador trip for personal reasons?
I wouldn’t go to much on this guys

CR Guy has still been active on his FB page though for the past couple hours.  And he sounds like he's still optimistic about the launch of 5D III/X next week!   :) :) :)


Keenan ThePhotographer Adams (8 hours ago): Also, when the 5D Mark III/X drops next week, can you go on podcast with that one dude again?? Im sure you guys could talk for an hour.

Canon Rumors (8 hours ago): ‎Keenan It's booked and ready to go later in the week.


38 says they confirm the rumored 5D successor is called 5D X

Not exactly.  They repeatedly state, "Canon EOS 5DX" not "Canon EOS 5D X" - the latter would be correct based on Canon's naming convention (1D X, G1 X), the former would be incorrect.  Granted, it's probably just bad copyediting, since they made the same mistake for the 1DX, but still...

digicame-info thought exactly the same too:

"...実際の製品では「5DX」ではなく「5D X」になる可能性が高いと思いますが、原文はDとXの間にスペースが入っていないので原文通り「5DX」と記述しました。..."

EOS Bodies / Re: Lack of information with announcement so close
« on: February 24, 2012, 10:11:53 PM »
About a week or 2 before 1D X was announced on Oct 18 last year, there were this leaked info about press invites on CR:

Oct 12:

Oct 9:

Sep 27:

And now there are only 3 calendar days (or 1 business day) before Feb 28.

I bet this CR3 will be downgraded soon to speculate just the specs but not the Feb 28 announcement date.  I hope I am wrong, but the chance is low...   :(

CR Guy, still no leak info about press invites or events?  Isn't it too quiet if the long awaited 5DIII/X is really going to be announced next Monday/Tuesday??   :o

BUT also the photoshopped image to have eye-control (bottom right corner)... Fun, but bring on that truckload of salt for now. :o

So is NorthLight on its post on 2006 August 1st.  I think rumor sites just like to tease with obviously photoshopped images.


"...Although we confirm the name on February 5, our information was not 100% reliable, but now we can take it for definitive. The new Canon EOS 5DX.

The X for Canon means several things. First and most important, the tenth generation of EOS cameras. Canon wants to celebrate the tenth generation of EOS brand with the X in its most important models. Second but not least, means intersection/union, as in the case of  Canon EOS 1DX, which unifies the D bodies. In the Canon EOS 5DX case, would mean the intersection/union of 5D and 7D bodies, the union between FF, AF and medium-speed burst. This union between the 5D and 7D bodies was confirmed in our news about Canon’s 2012 pro Roadmap on 14 February.

Soon we will have more news. We expect some confirmation on the video capabilities, capabilities that our informants say it will surely impress anyone.

kuaDDro Team

kuaDDro updated on Feb 27, 2012:

"...We apologize to all readers. Our information about the name of the next 5D, have not been good, although our informant has great prestige in the world film industry. Anyway, we can not lay the blame on the sources. The blame belongs to him who breaks the news (us) not to the source. We assume our error...."

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3 may not have real 1DX AF
« on: February 23, 2012, 05:26:43 PM »
How does the (expected) 1D X AF compare to that of, say, a 7D - the vastly increased amount of focus points aside?

The 7D has one f/2.8-sensitive point (the center one), the rest are f/5.6-sensitive.  The 1D X has five f/2.8 points and 20 f/4 points.  The wider the baseline, the more accurate the AF.  I'm sure the AI Servo algorithms are better on the 1D X as well.

Anyway we will see.

We'll see, indeed.  In the mean time, it's fun to speculate!

My guess, assuming the 61-pt spec is true:  one f/2.8-sensitive dual cross point (the center one), 30 f/5.6-sensitive cross points (the three vertical columns in the center and the inner columns that are f/4 on the 1D X), Zone AF but no Spot AF and no AF Area Expansion, no help from the metering sensor (which will likely be the 63-zone iFCL and not the 100K pixel RGB sensor).

So if this proves true, would you upgrade to this or would this keep you on track to get the 1DX?

I think this question is ultimately asking what type of photographer you are.

That supreme AF specifications of 1D X is simply indispensable for mission-critical photojournalists.

The rumored trim-down AF specifications of the potential 5D successor still seem to be appealing to a lot of wedding/event photographers who want (vs need) better AF (than 5D II or maybe 7D too) but might not want to pay a premium for RGB-metering-assisted AF tracking or other advanced AF features/algorithms.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3 may not have real 1DX AF
« on: February 23, 2012, 05:20:57 PM »
Also, did I read correctly somewhere that you'll be able to meter off of any one of the 1D X's AF points should you choose to do so?

"...By using the colour data and information from the camera’s 61 AF points, the EOS-1D X is able to detect where in the frame the subject is and then bias the exposure accordingly to ensure the best exposure setting..."

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3 may not have real 1DX AF
« on: February 23, 2012, 05:17:27 PM »
This is a valid point, while I know what Nikon has done, I just have trouble seeing Canon putting their Cadillac 1D X AF system in the 5DIII.  From the advertising hype the AF system is a huge part of the appeal of the 1D X.  Would that not leave pros I'm paying $3500 extra to get 6 more FPS, a weather sealed body, and some very high ISO options that I'll never use, oh and 4 less MP.


I just hope that it's the real 1DX AF with just a minor tweak down that most won't care about too much.

Your definition of "minor tweak down" might not be the same as Canon's.  While they might think taking away many cross type points, having no assistance by RGB metering data for AF tracking, and putting in a less sophisticated (hence less processing power hungry for just one Digic 5 - not even Digic 5+) are "minor tweak down" for a $3500 cheaper (vs 1D X) 5D III, these might be a big deal to you (vs other potential buyers).

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