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Ok, I didn't edit color or anything. These are medium size fine jpegs resized in photoshop to 4x6 120dpi quality of 8. Portrait picture style. Hi iso noise reduction set on low, Basically imported them into canon Imagebrowser ex. Unlike yesterdays samples all the data was imported in since i used canon software instead of unsupported lightroom. I actually have never seen data be removed from files before... UPDATE I opened a file back from the site to look at the data but it doesn't show for some reason but at least i put text on the file image. my copies have all the data but coming back from the site its all wiped...
I am sorry i didnt turn of noise reduction but there are 3 levels and it was set to medium yesterday and today it is on low iso noise reduction. You really wont see their software at work but it is quite outstanding. Honestly if you really needed it at 102,400 they look pretty usable. The detail is quite remarkable! I will have to make several posts to get them all on here since there are limitations so here we go.

EOS Bodies / Re: New Camera Unboxing of Canon EOS 5D Mark III
« on: March 22, 2012, 11:01:52 PM »
Thanks for that!

I am waiting another week or so to get it. . . . . REALLY want the 1Dx, though! The mkIII is going to do me wonders, I feel, when I shoot my first wedding this April! The AF and ISO came JUST in time haha ;)

the 1dx is the one i want because it fits the sports and weddings category without breakin a sweat but i can get two 5d m3's for 1 1dx. I am wondering what to do, the cash for a second body isnt there. I am tempted to sell my 1dm3. I have seen some lacrosse images that i guys shot and they looked really good! He claims all the shots hit the mark. Im just used to the tank and the 10FPS so not sure how well the 5DM3 would hold up shooting a marathon...

EOS Bodies / Re: New Camera Unboxing of Canon EOS 5D Mark III
« on: March 22, 2012, 10:59:01 PM »
Bosman/Kevin, thanks for the hook up. I'm one of those guys who now has a MKIII on the way from Norman camera!

Really appreciate you sharing the love.



I ordered the last body they had today. Thanks for the heads up.
I am happy for you!  :D

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D M III Jpgs no processing
« on: March 22, 2012, 10:54:38 PM »
Looks good Bosman, I am still awaiting my shipping confirmation from Adorama for my MIII. The anticipation is killing me! How do you like the camera overall?
Well, Let me say this, i want 2. I'd like 2 identical 5dm3's so no matter what lens i have on i know what i am going to get. I haven't shot any action to know whats possible yet but the focus is tack on every lens i tested cept i havent tested the 15mm fisheye yet which is always sharp pretty much.
You should have ordered it from Norman Camera today like i told people in my posts. Theres like 6 people who are getting theirs tomorrow just because they ordered from the store i use. I have no idea what their stock is anymore but they are now closed. If you dont hear anything soon you should give them a call in the morn and see.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D M III Jpgs no processing
« on: March 22, 2012, 10:04:47 PM »
These look good Bosman.
Thanks, i did it in a rush and overlooked some other test images to offer people to view...Maybe i can get some true jpeg outta camera stuff tomorrow. These images are all shot on the 501.2L at F5.6. I trashed all the around the house images because they were boring but let me say at its highest native 25,600 iso setting the detail was excellent even at F1.2.
Another thing i'll say is that every lens i own is dead on with the focus, with exception to not having tested out the 15mm Fisheye. Also the AWB setting renders the correct color so well its amazing. I shot the same shot with my 1dm3 and it was pretty off comparatively. Maybe i'll test all three camera with the same settings and lenses and see what i get. It just takes way to much farting around to do all this to present to others. Auto Iso worked really well too its like nothing was ever altered even though the iso changed.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D M III Jpgs no processing
« on: March 22, 2012, 09:29:55 PM »
Thats odd i checked ot see the meta data in the files and nothing is there...The shots are exacly as i named them however. Sorry.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D M III Jpgs no processing
« on: March 22, 2012, 09:24:44 PM »
PS I framed these to be cropped 8x10, i am going to give a framed 8x10 to the owner.

EOS Bodies / 5D M III Jpgs no processing
« on: March 22, 2012, 09:19:51 PM »
All of these images were converted from raw to jpg and resized down to 6x4 and 300 dpi, thats it, no crop, no enhancement of any kind. I know i can be more thorough and get shots in jpg at the same iso same place but to tell you the truth the light was changing rapidly at the point i took these.
One thing i'll say about noise. You can get awful noise from 400 iso from any camera if its underexposed the key to keeping noise at bay is good exposures for you who are new to this or just havent figured that out.

I did these shots in a rush so sorry about all that. I did shoot today around the house and i will say i have not prob shooting 25,600iso, the detail is retained and for weddings if i need it i wont feel guilty using it.

Also This was accomplished with CS5 with the beta update. LR doesn't recognize the raw files yet.

I am smiling on your behalf! :D
If you are interested in the video unboxing I have it posted here:

EOS Bodies / New Camera Unboxing of Canon EOS 5D Mark III
« on: March 22, 2012, 05:45:31 PM »
Ok, heres the skinny on the unboxing. I am happy for all those who took my tip of where to get their 5D Mark III's instead of the painful wait.
Here it is:

I am happy to help out my fellow photographers! You will drop your jaw when you see what you can do! The files are sweet. Sorry i have only tinkered, i wont post anything until i have time to really capture something.

I have bought most all of my camera gear from Norman Camera since 2005. They have always done their best to help me. I know i can pay a little less by not paying taxes online but to be honest sometimes you just gotta help out the business locally so they stay in business and keep thrivin. Also they have always matched prices from reputable dealers online. I have bought some specialized stuff from B&H, Adorama, Hunts and Calumet but only because Norman didnt stock the item i wanted. If they dont have a memory card i want i'll go with B&H. I have found Adorama sales people to be more curt and less helpful, its kinda like what do you want attitude. I am not trying to bash but thats how i felt so its rare i get something from them anymore.
The other reason i buy local is if anything isn't right you can go right to the store and they fix the problem.

Thanks for the info. Just got off the phone with them, ordered it and shoud receive it by tomorrow. Canceled my pre-order with Amazon.
Im really happy for you man! The wait is over for me but i feel for others who feel locked into the wait. I pre paid last Fri so my wait was minimal!

New Update. Norman Camera has a bunch of body only that came in if you are still lookin. Order today and ship today. The have a few kits too. I am currently playing with custom functions on mine that came in around noon. :D It is amazing, i want 2!!

Just found this article on Rob Galbraith's site. He tested the 1000x Lexar.

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