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Software & Accessories / Re: Easy-access photo backpack?
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:29:31 AM »
Take a look at the MindShift bags from ThinkTank - the slide around to access your camera plus a lens is pretty slick.  Pop two clips to allow the belt to swing around, rotate the bag to the front, unzip.

EOS Bodies / Re: A new high end camera
« on: December 09, 2014, 05:42:17 PM »
OP: Since there is a lot of variable as to what ships when, worry about what you have in front of you.  The 5k iMac is a beast - and while I want one personally, it's due to the 4k video I am playing with.  If you're doing 4k video stuff now, then the new iMac gives you something you don't already have.  Otherwise, wait a few months and see what's going on.  No harm right?

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Co-worker dumps $5k on Nikon
« on: December 09, 2014, 03:08:40 PM »
Spending $5k on a camera system in any situation without prior knowledge and experience is foolish, I don't care what the camera brand is.  But some folks have money to waste, and there will always be Uncle Bob's of the world...

Bit judgmental comment I think. Perhaps she wants to start learning and perhaps can afford it easily. Would you have said the same if she had bought 5d3?

Yep, doesn't matter the brand or technology - there isn't any context of what experience or existing gear the person has.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sony - Question of a Differing Variety
« on: December 08, 2014, 11:35:10 PM »
Here's the technical answer you're looking for - two different communications protocol methods on either side of the adapter, and you, in the middle have to make them speak accurately, quickly & reliably over many generations of gear.  Lenses, bodies and firmeware that have been discontinued will be used, yet you are expected to work every time.

Here's a bit on the Canon side of the equation, and ask yourself, at what price is making said adapter worth wild.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Co-worker dumps $5k on Nikon
« on: December 08, 2014, 11:28:23 PM »
Spending $5k on a camera system in any situation without prior knowledge and experience is foolish, I don't care what the camera brand is.  But some folks have money to waste, and there will always be Uncle Bob's of the world...

Technical Support / Re: Optimal processing platform of still images
« on: December 01, 2014, 04:59:33 PM »
Too many different tangents that could be had - starting with the PC/Mac debate.

The keys to best performance are solid state drives (SSDs), lots of RAM and a recent CPU.  Most folks don't spend the coin for a top end video card, but should.  With all the 3D stuff in Photoshop dependent on it, plus higher resolution monitors now available, the ability to drive a UHD or 4K displays is critical IMHO.

If you do a self build, go for it.  But if your day job isn't in IT, go the safe route of buying a pre-built, or make friends with a local computer repair shop to do your build.  The computer is a tool, and if you're making good money from photography, dealing with drivers and upgrading components isn't the best use of your time.

Check out the WonderPana system - it has a CPL and isn't extremely expensive.  The thing is that the WonderPana also has the adapter rings to get down to 77/82mm.

I'm also invested in the Lee 100mm stuff, and I think my general point is this kickstarter doesn't do a good job of telling me why I want their product.

The issue is that it's one holder per lens, so the lack of portability between lenses is holding it back.  150mm filters are horribly expensive, and the options are limited.  So why invest in a system that doesn't offer you an advantage over 100mm systems?

The SW150 system also can be adapted to use the 100mm rings, so you can also use it with any lens.  Get 1 set of ND filters and it doesn't matter what lens or camera system you are using.

Lenses / Re: Why don't Canon make lenses for other mounts?
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:30:36 PM »
Why doesn't Chevy make interior accessories for Fords...  Why doesn't BMW make rims that will fit on a Kia...

These are all stupid questions, the OP seems to misunderstand what roles companies have.  Canon makes PL lenses and PL mount cameras because the movie industry requires it - and they're in the movie business.  There is no reason for Canon to make lenses for any other form factor.

Sigma has their own mount, and their own camera.  Sigma's profits are based on making glass that works with other manufacturers camera bodies at a discount.  Canon sells a camera system - with components that work amazingly together, at a premium.  Two completely different business models.

Oh, and Fuji makes the Hasselblad HC lenses because they designed the GX645 - aka the H body.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Need Best Monitor for Photo Edits
« on: November 07, 2014, 10:56:12 PM »
Have you considered the new iMac Retina Display?

Why put this all together and then be dealing with the clutter.  iMac Retina and done (upgraded video card & SSD only, do RAM aftermarket).  Otherwise, the Dell Ultrasharp models are a descent option.

Where you are at matters the most.  Getting Apple is a known quantity, but Dell and other vendors still sell Win7 machines - just have to look or ask.  Again, where in the world you are matters. 

8gb is really tight - unless you can upgrade it afterwards, I'd go 16gb if purchasing a locked in Mac

SSD all the way for your active disk - worth every penny - most laptops that comes with non-ssd disks can be upgraded to ssd, but I've been 300 screws into a Dell laptop to do it (worst day of my tech life) - check online for howto videos as to how to do it, anything more than 12 screws (~4 for the drive, ~6 for the cover) is the line between a good laptop and a bad one...

It's online only, so think more of a private live stream and discussion.  No live audience.  Estimate is 2.5 hours long.

For Canon to hit $10k for a body would be a huge reach.  It would have to work amazing with all the second gen L glass we have already (300/2.8 L IS II, 24-70 2.8L II, etc), not require yet another outlay for 3rd gen L glass.

Canon's power is in leveraging what they already have, not creating a whole new system.  The Pentax 645Z has my attention due to multiple factors, one being the existing crop of lenses that work with it. 

I just did SFO-Fort Bragg and back - lots of driving and it is mighty dry.  I'd plan a night or two in SFO, lots of options, but also lots to see.  I would skip Point Reyes unless you're a diehard lighthouse fan.  There's a whole lot of nothing between Reyes and Mendocino.

You didn't say what you like to shoot, so there are some things you may or may not be interested in.  I mean, the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is really cool for the right person, but so is Treasure Island and Twin Peaks in San Francisco.  Crater Lake and Kalmath Falls would be on my list, but I'd also circle out to Seaside and Cannon Beach.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: So what makes a camera a "pro" camera?
« on: October 14, 2014, 07:02:30 PM »
Too many folks here are equating a 'pro camera' with a 'pro photographer'.  A pro photographer can use the tools available to create a great image.  A pro camera is a camera designed with durable components and has a longer R&D cycle compared to a consumer camera.  A pro camera should work in any condition, take a licking and keep on ticking.  A pro photographer can plot their way through a situation and will select gear based on their experience, not based on what is advertised as 'pro'.

IMHO 5D mk3 is a low end pro camera, with a lot of advanced technology, while the 1Dmk4/1Dx are pro cameras.

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