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EOS Bodies / Re: Exmor vs DualISO
« on: August 17, 2014, 04:12:32 PM »
Really surprised this topic hasn't generated more interest.

Doesn't this show in real world terms just how easy, without changing any sensor tech, it would be for Canon to improve one of the most complained about aspects of their current sensor design?

Canon General / Re: A Rundown of EOS 7D Mark II Information
« on: August 15, 2014, 08:19:09 AM »
what we know and can publish

I think it's what you can't publish we are all interested in!  ;D

But that is one heck of a spec list, let the hype go hyper  ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: Exmor vs DualISO
« on: August 15, 2014, 07:37:40 AM »
Very nice article, lots of effort to do that, most appreciated

Can these results be extrapolated to a 7D? I don't mean would a 7D be the same as these examples but would it have a similar ratio of improvement?

If so and this is all software based, makes me wonder when the (20.2MP guess) 7D2 makes an appearance and shows a similar improvement we will all be shouting praise be!!! and all 7D owners clamoring for an official software update  ;D

Well if there is a marked improvement it will be easy enough to test how it was/wasn't done, just find a tree  ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: Plan B
« on: August 14, 2014, 03:46:57 PM »
I don't have a plan B................... I'm Scottish  ;) ;D

Canon General / Re: Makes the 1DX seem a bit slow ;)
« on: August 14, 2014, 07:50:03 AM »
wow so this thing could see something that moves faster than the speed of light !!!!  :o :o :o

Reviews / Re: Tony Northrup - D810 vs. 5D Mk3
« on: August 14, 2014, 07:28:14 AM »
DPP, for example, has an almost miraculous ability to "add DR" in the shadows compared to Lr; Optics Pro is good too, albeit not as good as it could be in reaching into just the shadows.

That's really interesting Keith, I've recently moved from DPP to Optics Pro mainly for Prime which I think is fantastic but I didn't realise I may be losing out on pulling shadows. Admitedly the only time I can think of wanting to pull shadows recently was about a 1-1/2 stops (oops my bad!) so I'm not sure if any differences would show at that? Must give it a try.


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: DXO uh-oh?
« on: August 09, 2014, 04:28:58 AM »
7Dii - same sensor/IQ as 70D but with eye control af, slight up in fps all else as 7D

How would that be received?

Post Processing / Re: B&W Process
« on: August 08, 2014, 04:00:44 PM »
you can get filmpack 3 essential for free, not the full package but still good


Doesn't sound like a shop, surely the shop would try it and even the most inept shop assistant would notice an SD card rattling around a CF slot!  :o

Street & City / Re: Street Candid Portraiture
« on: August 04, 2014, 04:07:45 PM »
Love these photos, thanks for posting.
Also really like your b&w processing, really tight and crisp (not sure if I'm expressing that correctly photographically!)


Canon General / Re: Canon Image Gateway Down Can't use Wi-Fi
« on: August 04, 2014, 03:47:42 PM »
Wait so...... In order to transfer files from your camera to your computer by WiFi you need an external site to be up and running??? You sure, sounds bezarro, Adobe would be proud  ;D

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: August 02, 2014, 06:12:06 AM »
Guys, and almost all of us are guys, lets not get precious about this, there are a lot of mediocre images here, not least the hundreds of illustrative images I have put up. There are also some very very good images, though they are in the minority.

But Dave is really missing the point, this is not, predominantly, an image centric forum, it is a gear centric forum where most people come to see and talk gear and are photography geeks who enjoy the equipment as much as the image making, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned. If you want more stunning images than you can believe go to 500px, or Flickr.

There are some standouts here though, Jrista's astro photography is very good, Kieth Reeder gets the best I have ever seen out of the 7D at over 800iso, Sporgon has an amazing and never ending array of technically perfect and  atmospheric English landscapes, florianbieler.de shoots very high quality environmental portrait sets. We have some high quality well heeled shooters too, Gary Samples and his eagles, wolves, etc and eml58 with his safaris and Indonesian portraits to count just six off the top of my head, high quality image makers here (and please don't get offended if I missed you, there are many more than six!).

But, the truth is if you want gear talk and opinions, if you want baseless rumours, if you want to see Neuro demolish the latest incarnation of Mikael, and if you want illustrative images, diagrams, links and advice then this is THE Canon place to be.

+100 nailed it, CR in a nutshell

Pricewatch Deals / Re: 7D European Deal...
« on: July 30, 2014, 04:23:03 PM »

EOS Bodies / Re: High Megapixel EOS on the Way as Mentioned by Canon
« on: July 24, 2014, 02:38:49 AM »

Because, there are survey results 4-5% of customers who bought the kit lens is that it does not use only kit lens.

Would indeed be interesting to see an accurate translation of this. Do 5% never buy another lens? If so that is an amazing stst

I could believe that easily 4-5% never buy another lens.  I know people with DSLRs that bought a kit and are just fine with their kit zoom.  They take pictures only once in a while such as on a trip or at some big event.  It just depends on how much they get into photography.

wouldn't the is does NOT only use the kit lens, imply the opposite though?
I also find this confusing, but read somewhere (trying to find the source) that 80-90% of DSLR owners (that would be Rebels & their Nikon ilk) never remove their kit lens.  Alan's math makes sense in that regard, plus, not every SLR or DSLR owner throws away their body after two years.  People have bought my old bodies, and I bet many of them still own them.

yeah I guess that could be

Nope you were right the first time it does imply the opposite, 95% do buy an additional lens. Doubt that would include second hand but may include third party. Maybe they are all 50 1.8s and 40 stm's  ;D
It's an interesting little snippet, probably nothing more than some simplistic maths division by marketing but if it is a properly researched stat it is very impressive

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D the new 6Ti?
« on: July 23, 2014, 08:10:46 PM »
Multi controller, Spinny quick controller, deep buffer?
No chance!

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