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EOS Bodies / Re: More Sensor Technology Talk [CR1]
« on: May 01, 2014, 03:10:18 AM »
Canon ... please stop f*rting about and just give me a higher megapixel camera !

My 21Mp 1Ds3 is six years old, tired and itching to be replaced.

We've waited long enough ...

Software & Accessories / Re: Fail to contact support Reikan (Focal)
« on: April 22, 2014, 02:37:12 PM »
I contacted them on 1st March and several times since but all my support tickets and emails have been ignored.

Very poor as i've purchased the software and need support.

I'm guessing he maybe has personal problems as nobody is that busy.


Still overpriced ...  :o

Software & Accessories / Re: Magic Lantern for 5d3 1.2.3 released
« on: March 17, 2014, 03:48:49 AM »
Yep, don't use a card bigger than 32Gb - this is a known issue with Magic Lantern.

I had the same problem when i tried using a 64Gb CF card.

Software & Accessories / Re: Fail to contact support Reikan (Focal)
« on: March 08, 2014, 12:56:39 PM »
I'm having trouble contacting them too - have tried the website form and the email address over the last week and not heard back.

Strange - as a week before they did answer.

Hope to hear from them soon ...

Business of Photography/Videography / Re: Finding a book publisher
« on: February 20, 2014, 06:22:31 PM »
Totally agree with Mt Spokane Photography.

I've had three books published over the years and it gets tougher.

The cost of producing, designing, printing and then distributing paper books is enormous and the economic climate means many publishers are struggling and not keen on taking big risks.

Even if you do get a book out, there is very little profit to be made from hardback or paperback books. Print runs are low (less than 10k) and most end up in remainder book stalls. Remember, authors usually get 5-10% royalties on net sale price - Ie : approx 50c to $1 on a $10 book or $2 on a $20 book etc. Book clubs and discount book retailers sell books for heavily reduced cover prices so royalties are even less.

Ebooks might be a better answer, but depends upon the content. If it's factual you may sell some copies ... but if you had a coffee table type photography book in mind not many people will want that in electronic form on Kindle etc.

Self publishing is probably your best choice - somebody like Blurb make publishing small print run books a possibility. However, you won't make much money this way either ...

Sorry to appear negative, but very high quality pics are ten a penny these days and even the best known photographers struggle to get published in this tough climate.

I'm with privatebydesign  ;)

I have had the 1Ds Mark III since it was introduced five years ago and i've been desperately waiting for its replacement.

The 1Dx was not a replacement to the 1Ds3 - it was a full frame sports camera with 18mp. Why would i downgrade mp when i need more ?! Even the 22mp 5D III was not significantly enough of an upgrade to tempt me ...

I'd like a high megapixel full frame camera with higher DR and a sensor crop mode for tele-sports images. I can't see why Canon didn't introduce this as the technology has been there for some time now.

I do hope that Canon will introduce a high 40+ mp Eos 1 series body that will make replacing my old 1Ds3 worthwhile. I feel we've waited and waited and waited and waited for this upgrade and Canon has just kept us pros dangling and waiting .... Six years ago Canon were market leaders - that was why i switched from Nikon ... and i'm so tired of waiting !  :(

Software & Accessories / Re: Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 for $9.99/mth
« on: November 23, 2013, 03:26:30 PM »
So what happens next year when Canon release the rumoured high megapixel camera ?

Will CS6 Camera Raw support the new raw files or will we have to upgrade to CC ?

I've not bought a new camera in the last three years so unsure how this affects me ...

Technical Support / Re: Brick Wall.
« on: October 21, 2013, 04:42:11 AM »
Get an old film camera, buy a roll of b&w film and develop and print in a wet darkroom.

Digital can be repetitive ... so go back to basics !

All the traditional film stuff is so cheap on ebay these days.

Or try a new type of photography such as 360 panoramas or video.

And get the wife to give you some space to do what you want instead of having to constantly keep her entertained. She's the one being selfish - not you. "I'm the one who's gotta die when it's time for me to die ... so let me live my life the way i want to" - Jimi Hendrix :D

Canon General / Re: UK lens price increases
« on: October 12, 2013, 10:31:29 AM »
Buy from HDEW in UK.

I have and no complaints at all.

They are cheaper than elsewhere and not grey imports.

If the lens is not in stock ask for a price and they will order.


Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe site hacked
« on: October 04, 2013, 02:32:44 AM »
Getting back to the original post of Adobe hack - i'm sure plenty of Adobe customers are pretty pi**ed ...

The Adobe email merely apologised and suggested users changed all their password and username protected accounts that use the same info.

This could be almost every web account for some people !!!!!

For this amount of hassle, i'd expect free Creative Cloud for at least twelve months for all customers !

I wonder if Canon sales have dropped since Magic Lantern have practically cracked the raw video situation ?!

Nevertheless, they were over priced (as is the 1Dc) ...  ;)

Canon General / Re: Clarification....Fine Art
« on: July 06, 2013, 04:04:33 AM »
Interesting question ...!  ;)

I think the whole 'fine art photography' genre is open to interpretation, so I can't give a definitive answer to it but i have my own personal thoughts.

I think fine art photography is the high end of the creative craft. It's primarily non digital or at least has some connection with traditional photo skills - such as film, darkroom or alternative processes. Prints such as silver gelatine or especially platinum prints are also extremely archival and the latter last as long as the paper they are printed on - maybe 1000 years.

To me, digital photography is too easy, too clinical and somehow along the way digital photography loses it's soul. You really can't beat the tactile experience of developing a black and white negative in proper darkroom chemicals and watching the magic happen. It's almost like alchemy.

With all that said, I know art photographers who use digital cameras as a capture medium and then tweak the images to produce high end fine art too. A well done Giglee print on art paper also has an incredible tactile quality and the prints apparently last longer than traditional darkroom silver halide based materials.

Perhaps there is no definitive answer ... Some people might argue that Damien Hirst's sheep in formaldehyde isn't really art ... but somebody paid a lot of money for it so maybe it is !  ;D

Nice pic Spooky ! Can you tell me the exposure details on 5D3 ?!

The 24-105mm is a great lens for IR.

Thanks Niteclicks ... would love to see results with 5D3.

I think you may need exposures in minutes rather than seconds for correct exposure.

Also the 50mm f1.4 i think is a lens prone to IR hotspots - the f1.8 less so.

I already have an IR modified 5DC -,Ideally i want a camera that i can shoot everything on - colour stills, HD video, raw, 360 panoramas and IR. Greedy i know ... but makes for a nice light kit ! :D 

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