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Yea I saw this, at least where being heard

Guys remember designing a work around isn't the way forward, There shouldn't be a need to have to work around a problem that basically should not exist in the first place, Im worried that the problem may start to become overshadowed by "what we all can do instead" I really am hoping for this tread to get heard, its a real problem and I do not believe for a moment it only happens in certain cameras (ie other 5D3's don't have this problem) its a problem with the 5D3 itself and needs to be addressed,

I would like to say thanks to everyone that has of course offered help in ideas making it easier while we wait for answers, but let us not forget the true problem exists and needs to be fixed,


EOS Bodies / Re: 6D vs 5Diii vs 5Dii - Speedlite AF Focus Beam Assist Tests
« on: December 12, 2012, 06:57:55 AM »
70 Seconds is appalling

Lets just really hope Canon are reading all these posts on a few Forums now, I honestly pray for a fix, as I am wondered to be offered a job, where I will be dependent on the 5D3 and my 430EX2,

EOS Bodies / Re: Asking for 5D III firmware improvements
« on: December 06, 2012, 06:14:35 AM »
The OP really need to start this thread over at the Canon forums and link back to this forum, I did that with the 5D3 focus assist beam problem and I got a reply from Canon

Guys amazing news! Canon have responded! 

Please join the Canon forums, I posted the issue up there for Canon to see it was a major problem and they have replied!

this is great, please do your best in explaining the problem, so we can get a fix!!



wow guys great news!! please sign up to the Canon Forums! it looks like they are listening amazing!!

I posted up there and it seemed to be working!

here is the link, please please do your best to reply,

EOS Bodies / Re: First Round of EOS 7D Mark II Specs [CR1]
« on: November 26, 2012, 07:34:36 PM »
I doubt that the sensor will be any new tech at all, it states they are going to use Digic 5 if its true, so there you have it, duel processors for the 10fps and Noise reduction to be as good as the 5D3, That will be it, Im guessing a  lesser version of the 5D3 AF also,

I believe all the new tech will be added to the High Mega Pixel camera when that finally gets announced.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: AA Battery Charger and Batteries
« on: November 26, 2012, 07:35:15 AM »
So guys,

I used my first set of Eneloop batteries at a wedding reception, I honestly cant believe how amazing they were, after 5 hours of constant shooting, I didn't see any difference in recharge time, they just kept going, also the  charge time was amazing, the red pilot light on the 430II was constantly red, I had a back up set of 4 and no way needed to even consider using them after that amount of shooting, amazed, best purchase I have made in a long time, thanks again!


Gilmore...did you notice if the red AF beam was brighter/stronger with the T1i compared to the 5d3?  ( the red beam itself as it appears on the subject)

It seems that a few people have posted that they don't have issues with the 5d3 and yongnuo flash, and also that the AF beam is much brighter on the 5d3 yongnuo combo.  I'm just wondering if the beam itself is weaker for some reason when paired with the 5d3.

This is really interesting, I actually thought this, I am not sure, but I remember when I was doing nightclub photography with my 5D2 the beam seemed alot brighter, I maybe just imagining it, but when I last did a job with the 5D3 and 430ex ii I did think to myself the beam seems weaker, I cant confirm it, but it really did feel this way

29 many of us now know there is a REAL problem here.  How do we go about notifying Canon and getting
them to fix it.

I already send an e-mail to CPS. I talked about it on the phone with Canon and also send them an e-mail. Twice in two weeks. Still no response.

Interesting, the main thing dont give up talking about it, the moment you do, it will never get fixed

This problem is so huge, Im surprised that so many people have not come forward with this problem, 100s of photographers are being paid to shoot jobs in low light and I am certain they use a 5D3 also, maybe Canon does know about this problem and may address it soon, I really hope they do, as It worries me to even accept a job now because of this

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